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Spying on an iPhone isn’t impossible. With the right tool, you can do it conveniently from your web browser. Moreover, you won’t need to tinker with the iPhone’s operating system or install an intrusive app on it.

We bring you the 10 best apps that allow you to spy on android and iPhones quickly – without you having to jailbreak or install an app on them. The top 4 apps that we would recommend are: 

  • Spyine – A feature-rich phone spying solution.
  • Safespy –  Get real-time data in stealth mode. 
  • Spyic – A user-friendly interface.
  • Cocospy – Risk-free and hassle-free spying.

#1 Spyine – Convenient and Hassle-Free 

Spyine is a favorite with parents, employers, and people in relationships. It’s compatible with all the latest versions of iOS. You can install and control it from your web browser. Its top-tier features set it apart, making it the best spy app for iPhone.

This app enjoys a solid reputation and has made appearances on platforms like the New York Times, TechCrunch, and Android Authority.

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You won’t need to jailbreak or install an app 

Spyine has a web-based interface. You can install and use this app from your web browser, without tinkering with the target Android (or iPhone). How does this work? 

Spyine will periodically extract the iCloud details and share them with you via a web-based dashboard. You can track the various phone activities conveniently. Further, as there is no software install, the iPhone user won’t know you’re watching! 

Check how Spyine’s iOS solution works here >>

spy phone apps

The app offers multiple advantages 

This app offers many benefits that other solutions in the market can’t match: 

spy phone apps

a. You get a full suite of powerful tracking features

The app shows you almost everything happening on the user’s device. It offers over 12 unique tracking features:  

  • Locations: You can follow the iPhone’s movements in real-time on an interactive map. The map pins all recent locations, you can hover over them for more details. The location log will record important location information like addresses, timestamps, and geographical coordinates. 
  • Texts: All texts and iMessages will be logged. The app will show you important details like the contact names and timestamps. If a message gets deleted, you can still access it from the online archive.

spy phone apps 

  • Social media: The app will track top social media apps like WhatsApp and LINE. You can view exchanged messages, media files, and browse contact details. 
  • Calls: The call log will track calls and share details like favorite callers, call durations, and contact details. You can also access extra contact information from the phone book. 
  • Media files: If the user is exchanging photos or videos with someone, you will know. You can download all the media files saved on the target device. 

spy phone apps

  • Web browser history: The web browser history log tracks all their website visits. You can view data like favorite sites, time and date entries, and some mini descriptions.

Spyine official website:

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b. The app is incredibly user-friendly 

You can access Spyine from any web browser on any device, be it a PC or a mobile phone. You can track the target iPhone regardless of your – or their – location. The user interface is intuitive and everything is clearly labeled. You won’t need any technical skills to use this app.

spy phone apps

c. It’s tried-and-tested

A million users have downloaded Spyine till date, from all over the world. The app is known to be a solid, reputable tracking tool. Further, it keeps your information private. Your connection is secure and your personal data is not accessible to anyone but you.

spy phone apps

d. No jailbreaking equals no problems 

Jailbreak is a complicated process. Apple doesn’t like it and will cancel the device warranty if you jailbreak it. Further, it may cause data loss and leave the device vulnerable to malware. If you use Spyine, you won’t have to deal with these issues.

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e. It won’t set you back by much 

Finally, Spyine doesn’t cost a lot compared to the other advanced spy solutions in the market. It lets you track a single device for a month with the Premium plan, which costs about as much as a movie ticket. The Family or Corporate plans let you follow several iPhones at a discount. 

Spyine comes with a free live demo – you can try out its iPhone tracking features before committing to a purchase.

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#2 Safespy 

Safespy was made for parents who need to keep an eye on their teenagers. This tracking app doesn’t have steep requirements – anyone can download and use it. It’s perfect for parents without any technical skills to speak of. 

You can install Safespy from your phone or PC, whatever is convenient, and then track your teen from your web browser. It comes with many parental control features like an installed apps checker and a location logger to follow your teens when they head outside.

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#3 Spyic 

Spyic is a global phenomenon and one of the most established spy apps on this list. This app is fast to set up, easy to use, and also safe. It’s one of the only apps out there that’s committed to privacy. You don’t have to worry about your personal details being compromised. 

This app can be installed from any smartphone or PC. There’s a small configuration process initially, so you don’t have to download any software. You won’t need any technical skills to operate the app or use it. It spies on almost everything happening on the user’s device.

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#4 Cocospy

Cocospy is often used by parents with teenagers. With cases of youth violence on the rise, millions worldwide use spy solutions to keep an eye on their teens. Cocospymanages to track iPhones secretly as well as reliably. 

This app will work without jailbreak. It sends you data periodically, provided the target user’s iPhone connects to the internet. You can view call logs, iMessages, locations, installed apps, and much more. It’s a cheaper alternative to hiring a private eye.

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#5 Neatspy

Neatpsy is often used by employers with problem employees in the US. It’s legal to monitor company-issued phones with the employee’s permission. This app lets you see if an employee wanders off-site when they should be working instead 

You can, of course, use this app to spy on anyone. Like the other apps on this list, there is no software download and it works from your web browser. You get a competitive range of features with this app, including the ability to spy on calls, contacts, and media files.

spy phone apps

#6 Spyier 

Spyier is made by an international team with many years of cybersecurity experience. It’s super easy to use – you can have it up and running from your web browser. It allows you to spy on iPhones and iPads running iOS 4 and up. 

This app is browser-based and doesn’t have a physical presence on the target iPhone. It will send you data on the user’s activity once every 24 hours. It can’t be detected, and it offers many handy features. The app has a good reputation too.

spy phone apps

#7 Minspy 

Minspy is known for its stealth mode. The app operates without any phone-based software. As such, it won’t slow down the iPhone, drain its battery, or make the user suspicious in any way. It also doesn’t require a jailbreak.

You will be able to track the majority of the activities the user is undertaking on their iPhone. You can read iMessages, check social media, and download their media files. Further, this app can retrieve and show you deleted messages.

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#8 Mobistealth

Mobistealth is a prominent keylogger solution for Android and iOS. It’s been doing the rounds for a while and is a trusted tool. A major drawback of this app is that it costs a lot. You pay almost $70 to track a single device with this app, and there is no discount if you want to track multiple ones. 

For the asking price, you get all the features you could ask for. The app will track phone calls, messages, contacts, media files, locations, and much more. The user interface is simplified, the installation is straightforward, and the app works reliably.

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#9 Spyera 

Spyera is a stealthy app for iPhones and iPads. Once you install it, it will update remotely. It comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. One of the app’s biggest advantages is it’s compatible with Mac OS as well as iOS for smartphones. 

You get several powerful features with Spyera. Essentially, you can see whatever the iPhone user is doing remotely. A drawback is that this app requires jailbreak. Further, it costs $189 to use for 3 months, which is not affordable at all.

spy phone apps

#10 Auto Forward

Auto Forward rounds off our list. This is a crowd favorite solution and is compatible with the latest iOS versions. It comes with a powerful keylogger

While Auto Forward is effective, it costs a steep $69.99 per month to use. It’s a lot to pay for an app when you have other solutions that do much the same for less. You will, however, be able to potentially log someone’s login credentials, which isn’t a common feature. 

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