15 Haircuts Trending For Spring

The first few months of 2022 has seen many different hair trends take hold. From red color and Y2K accessories to the soft-layered butterfly haircut, plus countless variations on the ’70s shag, hair changes seem to be top of mind.

As spring ushers in new beginnings, it welcomes a host of brand-new haircut trends to get excited about. This time it’s all about ’90s-inspired layering, air-dried texture, and fringes — lots of them. In other words, all the hair inspiration you need is right here.

Ahead, a handful of London’s top hairstylists share their haircut trend predictions for the new season — and they’re even more selfie-worthy than the last lot.

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The Mid-Length Shag

“Our obsession with the ’70s isn’t going anywhere,” says Stuart Marsh, color director at Taylor Taylor London. But while shag hairstyles have been either quite short or on the very-long side, it’s the medium-length cut that’s happening now. “The mid-length shag cut was made popular by ’70s rockstars and recently [has been] brought back into fashion,” says Stuart. “Think of a modern Mick Jagger look, with lots of layers and movement. It’s the perfect unisex hairstyle that can be made shorter or longer depending on the look you’re going for.” Wavy or curly hair? Stuart says this trend is ideal. “It creates a tousled, undone effect that works well with all the texture.”

Take inspiration from this face-framing shag cut with flick-y fringe by The Hair BrosFrancesca Inverarity on Instagram.

The ’90s Bob

Bobs are trending everywhere, but Ryan Forsythe, Trevor Sorbie‘s international artistic director, pinpoints the jawline-grazer, reminiscent of the ’90s.

“The ’90s jaw-grazer with a deep center parting is going to be hot,” Ryan says. “It’s a striking cut, which can be worn ultra sleek (like Jennifer Lopez) or naturally undone — think Natalie Portman in the film Leon.” Like this beautiful style on Soo on Instagram, Ryan says it should be the same length all the way round. “This is sometimes referred to as a ‘square bob’ or ‘box bob’ and can be cut blunt with scissors or with a razor for a more jagged and textured result.”

Ryan has some solid advice prior to going for the chop: “Be sure to have a thorough consultation with your stylist to assess the suitability. A slight adjustment of length may be all it needs to suit your features, but this little bob is pretty versatile.”

Air-Dried Textures

”A lot of my clients are embracing a more natural texture with their hair,” says Bernardo Vasconcelos, hairstylist and founder and director of BCO London Salon. ”Think less-is-more styling,” he says. Hair is left to do its own thing, like this style created by freelance hairstylist Woody Rattana on Instagram. This works on all hair colors, but Bernardo says the texture really complements his signature balayage technique, which adds an instant update and looks effortless. “I also love creating natural, beachy waves in my salon through a combination of extensions and color techniques.” 

The Nixie (Nearly Pixie)

This isn’t quite a pixie cut, but it’s halfway there. The nixie, if you will. Ryan says: “This is an androgynous hairstyle that crosses over well and is perfect for those not feeling brave enough, or suited to, the much shorter pixie style.” If you want to be straight on trend, Ryan says the cut should feature “an eye-grazing heavy fringe and a graduated round shape with textured layers throughout”. We love this wispy look featured on Francesca Inverarity‘s Instagram. The nixie is also ideal for hair with natural movement, says Ryan, as it can be dressed up with polished curls or worn relaxed with natural texture.

The Curly Fringe

“This year is all about embracing your natural curls and adding a fringe, which helps switch things up without having to change the length of your hair,” says Stuart. “If you have thinner strands, you will probably need more of your hair to create the fringe; whereas with thicker hair, you won’t need to use so much. That said, this will affect the rest of your hair and how you style it, so make sure to discuss this with your stylist first.”

Those with curly hair might be interested in a custom cut, which snips each individual curl to perfection — and transforms hair. We love this copper look on @rubyefia_ on Instagram. Stuart says that when cutting curls, always go longer than you think. Why? “Curly hair shrinks,” says Stuart, “and don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist to cut your hair while it’s dry to avoid it being too short after it shrinks.”

If done properly, Stuart says your hair shouldn’t need lots of styling, but curly lengths can easily get dehydrated. “It’s important to add extra moisture. We recommend Løre Originals Define + Finish Vegan Hair Styling Cream, to enhance and define all types of curls, allowing natural movement and definition, too.”

Babylight Bangs

Blondes are definitely getting warmer as we approach spring,” says Bernardo, “and curtain bangs are still a huge trend.” He adds: “Every day I have someone asking me to cut them in my Marylebone salon. They’re such an easy and effortless way to freshen up your look, as they suit any face shape and can be cut into short or longer hair. I mix a lot of honey-blonde tones with golden-blonde babylights [very-fine highlights] all over the hair from the roots to the ends. I frame the face with lighter, subtle babylights to avoid ‘chunks’ and to keep it really natural.”

The Classic Bob

Stephen Buller, cofounder of Buller and Rice, says that the classic bob is a staple in the hair industry and a constant throughout seasons, willingly adapting to suit its fans. “This summer we feel shorter, sharper, more classic bobs will dominate,” he tells R29. “It’s styled quite sleek, with some delicate texture, but with volume, too. We have seen this before, famously with Drew Barrymore and Audrey Tautou, but more recently with Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa.”
Stephen says it’s all about seriously-clean cutting to enhance healthy ends and to give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. “This works well with a middle parting, but also looks edgy with a micro fringe, which we also predict to make a surefire comeback this spring.” To style, Stephen suggests dusting off your round brush for extra volume when blow-drying, with help from OWAY Volumizing Spray at the roots. “Finish off with OWAY Glamshine Cloud for that high gloss, sleek finish,” like this bob by former Sassoon director @stanleyman001 on Instagram.

’90s Layers

“This is a throwback to Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in the early ’00s — or, more recently, Chloe Cherry at London Fashion Week,” says Stephen. “Think plenty of soft layering below the jaw, to allow for versatility when styling.” A look like this can also be paired with the return of the soft, textured fringe, or ‘tringe’ as Stephen calls it. “This is a really delicate, wispy fringe that just floats around the eye-line and lends softness when pulling your hair up. Alternatively, you can add even more layering throughout to create maximum volume and texture. I really think layering will continue to make an impact through the summer season.”

Embellished Bantu Knots

“Braiding — along with plaits and bantu knots — are playful styles doubled up with Euphoria-esque accessories, as seen at the Conner Ives LFW show,” says Stephen. Take a cue from this look created by award-winning Afro and textured-hair specialist and educator Michelle Thompson on Instagram. “I sectioned the hair down and across the head, securing each section with a band, adding feed-in braids and wrapping each one to create a bantu knot,” said Michelle. “I [finished] with some cheeky baby hairs to frame the face and finished off using ghd Shiny Ever After.”

The Low-Maintenance Bob

The key to mastering this bob, according to Tyler Moore, stylist at Live True London, is to focus on natural, undone texture. “This bob is less focused on a specific length,” he explains. “More emphasis is placed on a low-maintenance and non-rigid style. It’s cut bluntly to make your hair look fuller, and to allow your natural texture to shine.” Model and digital content creator Amy Julliette Lefévre nails it here.

The Mixie 2.0 (Mullet Meets Pixie)

The mullet meets pixie keeps on getting cooler, say both Ryan and Tyler. “This mullet is short at the front and long at the back, an edgy look which has been huge the last couple of years — especially with DIY haircutters throughout the pandemic!” says Ryan. “The short pixie cut (think Jean Seberg) is very cute, but quite radical for many, as it is very exposing. Bringing the two together helps to create an overall softer feeling.”

Ryan prefers to work with a razor over scissors to create a soft, broken up texture, leaving the external lengths longer, like this incredible style created at Pink Dagger Studio. “The ‘mixie’ works with most hair types,” says Ryan, “and should be effortless to style with some easy products [like a simple hair cream] and minimal blow-drying.”

The Glass Cut

”A lot of my clients are more concerned with their hair health,” says hair expert and trichologist Hannah Gaboardi. “A big trend — which complements high-shine hair — is sleek, poker-straight styles with a glasslike finish, rather than a bouncy blow-dry,” she explains. A great way to achieve this on afro hair is to opt for a silk press, trending in London salons right now. It’s referred to as ‘new-age hair straightening,’ as it doesn’t enlist any chemicals and allows the hair to move. This glasslike finish by salon owner Shakiya Gardner on Instagram is mesmerizing.

Fluffy Layers

The inspiration? “Supermodel Cindy Crawford in her prime,” says Ryan. “I’ve moved away from the highly polished and tonged waves, and have been working with a fluffier feeling,” which looks super sexy, much like this style on fashion designer Monika Young, created by Adrian Parkitny at Hershesons.

“When it comes to the cut, ask for face-framing shape and concave layers to maintain the weight on the lengths,” says Ryan. “This will help you create volume at the top. But if you’re afraid of layers or have fine hair, stick to face-framing.” Styling is pretty simple, too. “Prep hair with a volumizing product, such as mousse, and blow-dry with a round bristle brush,” adds Ryan. Flip it to one side or wear it in the center, but don’t forget the hairspray to finish, Ryan concludes.

The Butterfly Haircut

Already a favorite on R29, Stuart says the aptly-named ‘butterfly’ haircut allows you to “transform your hair from long to short with just a few pins,” thanks to the shorter layers at the top of the head. Tyler agrees: “One of the key trends this spring is haircuts with lots of layers, just like this one.”

So how does it work? “By cutting layers around the crown of the head and leaving the rest long, the butterfly haircut enables you to keep your length, while adding volume, which frames the face,” says Stuart. “You can easily pin the longer lengths under for a shorter look, or create a quick, undone updo by bringing the lengths up into a claw clip or bun, and allowing the front pieces to loosely embrace the face.”

So what should you ask for in salon? “Layering and texturing is key,” says Stuart, “ask for soft, face-framing layers around the crown of the head — the shortest should come down to a few inches below your chin) — and long layers that fall below the shoulder, giving you movement and volume at the bottom. If you’ve already got a fringe, mention you’d like to grow it out for more of a feathered effect.”

Stuart says the butterfly cut is perfect if you want a shorter style without the commitment, and references Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney. Also look to this cut by The Hair BrosCort Bray on Instagram.

The Y2K Pixie

“With the change in season almost feeling like a fresh start, I think people will like to have a spring clean on those split ends and go for a bigger chop,” says Stephen. “In the salon, I’ve seen the conversation turn towards the pixie cut, and I definitely predict the return of having more fun with the styling, with reference to ’90s and Y2K vibes.” The 2022 pixie is longer on top, adds Stephen, but there’s extra length on the side, which provides a choppier texture, as seen on Taty Machado on Instagram. “Think soft, razored edges and cropped fringes that can be worn up or down, like Winona Ryder.

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