17 Marine Corps Birthday Memes to celebrate 246 years of service

November 10th 2021 marks 246 years of service from the USMC.

To celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday, we’ve compiled 17 memes and Twitter posts.

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USMC celebrates 246 years of service

Established back in 1775 on November 10th, the Marine Corps are celebrating 246 years of service in 2021.

In this year’s annual message from the USMC, tributes are paid towards the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.

General David H. Berger shares: “As we mark the 20th anniversary of those who fought the war on terror and are now retiring, we want them to know that we appreciate their courage, sacrifice, and the valor they showed during this conflict.

“The next generation of Marines may operate differently and in different places than the Marines who wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor today. Yet they will join a long and proud heritage of Marine fighters who have never turned from a threat or an enemy. We will always remain most ready when our Nation is least ready, because we must protect our shores and our citizens. And as the next evolution of warfighting becomes our reality, it will still be the Marines who defend this Nation.”

Marine Corps Birthday Memes

To honor the 246th birthday of the USMC, we’ve compiled 17 memes and celebratory Twitter posts.

Take a look below…

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