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20 years later: Celebrate the ‘Harry Potter’ film series with its best moments – Film Daily

Hogwarts, after so long, is finally reopening its doors. The 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter film series is coming up this November, reminding longtime fans of the magical time they had when the series first premiered and leaving people wondering if the cast of the Harry Potter film series will pull a Friends and have a cast reunion. 

Unfortunately, at the time there’s no news of a reunion for the cast of the series, with Daniel Radcliffe telling ET that he’ll be busy until the end of the year, possibly promoting season 3 of Miracle Workers. 

Despite the lack of news, many fans still post their favorite magical moments from the Harry Potter film series to Twitter. We grabbed our brooms and flew through the threads to find the best moments from the Harry Potter film series. Grab your Time-Turners and dive into the best moments from the Harry Potter film series. 

That laugh 

Great moment, still gives us chills. 

Night bus 

Aka how people drive when they’re late for work. 

Not my daughter 

Do not. Mess with. Mama Weasley

Real world 

Definitely an underrated and powerful moment! 


Now that’s what we call magic! 

The Battle of Hogwarts 

Yeah, that whole sequence was just *chef’s kiss*. 


Flitwick knows what’s up. 

Not a waste of space 

Why did they have to cut such good character development! 


That’s what the kids call a pro gamer move. 

Didn’t know that 

Would you believe us if we told you that was improvised

What are your favorite moments from the Harry Potter film series? Drop them below in the comments before the Death Eaters arrive! 

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