5 Best-Proven Steps to Go from Freelancer to Agency

5 Best-Proven Steps to Go from Freelancer to Agency – Review

It is a big step to go from a freelancer to an agency. Freelancers doing freelancing for two to three years can take this step. It needs a lot of dedication and works to become an entrepreneur. You have to manage a team in running a software house for yourself. You can hire some of the full-time employees and get some of the work by freelancing.

This can be great at the start of your business. You can pay extra and overtime to the freelancers for their effort, the overtime calculator can be great in calculating the extra you are paying to your freelancers. When You start an agency of your own, it can be great to boost your revenues.

There are some steps, you have to follow to establish an agency for your business: 

Think like an entrepreneur:

You need to think like an entrepreneur to start your own software house. It is better to keep your expenses at the minimum level, you can hire two to three employees at the start and take extra work from them and pay a bonus.

The overtime calculator can be great in this regard for you. You may wonder how to calculate the overtime pay of the employees, it can be done by using the overtime calculator. Take extra work from your employees and utilize the maximum talent you have at your disposal. 

Create a pipeline of clients:

You need to develop a pipeline of clients for your business. In the software industry, if you work for two to three years, you can easily create a pipeline of clients. These clients can be great for your business. You need to develop a system to deliver the projects on time. If you successfully delivered the work on time, you can attract more customers. Try to hire candidates who can handle work of a different kind and agree with them.

You can take extra work from them during weekends and during official public breaks. You can use the time and a half calculator to calculate the payment you have to deliver to your employees. If you find any difficulty in calculating time and a half for your employees, you can get online help. 

Focus on just in time delivery of projects:

In business, your commitment is the last thing, which you have to fulfill, for this you have to make sure of the online delivery of the projects. If you are not able to deliver the project on time, you may lose your clients just at the start of your business.

So for this, you can hire freelancers and pay them extra if required, and use the overtime calculator to pay the extra amount to the employees. You need to handle the customers and the employees, there should be managerial skills to handle the pressure of the work and delivering the project on time.


You can start your software house, but you need two to three years of experience, in completely understanding the requirements of the market. At the start, you need to reduce your expenses and hire two to three employees and then take the remaining work from the freelancers.

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