A Black Father Reprimands a White Employee for Following Him During His Visit to a Museum

A Black father and his kids were followed by one of a Kansas City museum’s white employees. The father received tons of support on social media.

Sadly, there are too many examples of Black people being put in harm’s way due to them just simply existing in public spaces. Whether it’s taking out the trash in your own neighborhood or doing your job on a boat dock, those adamant about discriminating against people who don’t look like them will always find a way to do the absolute most.

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In September 2023, one Black father shared with his TikTok followers how it’s unsafe for us to take our babies to the museum as he blasted one of its employees. Here’s what went down.

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A white employee at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art followed a Black father and his kids.

As a Black woman, unfortunately I’ve lost count of the times an employee was “just following protocol” as they followed me and my Black friends and family around a store. I’m usually focused on having a good time and don’t notice it happening until someone brings it to my attention. Needless to say, one user’s TikTok of blatant discrimination was far too familiar.

On Sept. 19, 2023, a man named J, who goes by @jandkids on the video-sharing platform, took his two children to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo. J and his kids were enjoying one of the museum’s exhibits when he noticed one of the museum’s employees was peeking out between the museum’s pillars.

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Once J made eye contact with the white male employee, he turned his phone on him and asked, “Are you about to follow us this whole time?” The employee quickly became defensive and said he was “just making sure” until J interrupted him and said, “If you’re going to follow me the whole time, then give me a g—d— tour.”

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The employee said he followed J and his small children to ensure they didn’t “run around” the museum. However, the father told the employee he could “control” his kids. He then pointed out that he wasn’t the only one at the museum with kids with him, yet he was the only one being followed.

After the employee smugly denied any wrongdoing, J scolded him and called him a “little girl” for rolling his eyes.

“Tighten up, man, tighten up,” J says to the employee. “Like I said, if you’re gonna keep following me, go get your manager.”

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“It’s his deep breaths for me.”

At the end of J’s TikTok, the father continued dragging the shady museum employee while his phone camera kept rolling. After giving the employee more examples of fellow white guests also attending the museum with kids, J continued asking him, “Are you gonna give me a tour?” since he insisted on “following me around.”

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As the white gentleman cringed at the camera, he said he could “talk to you about some things,” but J wasn’t having it.

“If you gonna follow me around, then you better give me a tour,” J declared. “Otherwise, stop following me. Plain, simple.”

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“It’s his deep breaths for me. What you stressed about, my boy?” one commenter wondered.

“OMG, the way he was creeping behind those pillars,” another commented in disbelief. “I hope you got a refund. Sorry, this happened to you!”

“Heavy on ‘Give me a tour,’ because he might as well!” said an additional user.

Since his initial video, J has shared several updates regarding his unsettling situation. In one video, he said he would join Roland Martin on a livestream about the museum employees’ acts.

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