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Adin Ross vs. RiceGum: Why are these influencers at war? – Film Daily

The Adin Ross and RiceGum tea continues to simmer, with this latest development really cranking up the heat. Many speculate that the announcement today from popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross that he will be moving out of the Clout House may be due to his ongoing feud with the popular YouTuber RiceGum. 

The two influencers’ friendship became tumultuous during another round of beef between RiceGum and KSI, which has been ongoing since the start of this year. When Ross tried to remain neutral on the issue, RiceGum accused him of taking KSI’s side in the argument, leading to the now ongoing feud. Many have linked this feud with Adin Ross’s decision to move, though nothing has been confirmed currently. 

Of course, Twitter is taking a nice big sip of the Adin Ross and RiceGum tea, with some wondering if all of this is simply for views or if this tea is real. We drank our way through the threads to find out and found the best reactions to the Adin Ross vs. RiceGum feud. Get ready for more tea as you dive into these reactions to the Adin Ross vs. RiceGum tea. 

Too funny

Nothing like good old fashioned sabotage to start the day. 


That meme template is just *chef’s kiss*. 


We doubt that that will end well . . . . 


We don’t know, this seems pretty real to us. 

Whose team? 

Oh no, we may have another Twilight on our hands . . . . 

Chill out! 

We’re getting mixed signals here . . . . 


You’re guess is as good as ours. Curse these deleted threads

Dog fight 

Pretty much the situation in a nutshell. 


Quick, to the threads! *cue Batman cartoon sound effect*. 

Leaked fight 

Okay, guys, no more clowning around . . . . 

What are your thoughts on the Adin Ross vs. RiceGum feud? Drop them below in the comments before the tea scalds us! 

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