AITECH, UGD, and CST tokens are in the spotlight 

AITECH, UGD, and CST tokens are in the spotlight

AITECH is the first Artificial Intelligence utility token worldwide that will enable megacorps, governmental authorities, SMEs, and professionals to purchase AI services seamlessly via its future launch Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform.

The company launched its native utility token on November 1, 2021. The sale will end on January 1, 2022. The token is trading for 0.0000017 ETH per AITECH. The total supply is 1000000000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at the first stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and USDT in exchange for its coins.

Solidus Technologies is an Ethereum mining organization, which is behind the Solidus AI Tech project. It is currently working to finalize the internal build of its IaaS and Eco-Friendly High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre platform. Furthermore, this company is a strong supporter of the “Crypto Climate Accord.” The latter focuses on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency industry.

Solidus Technologies has many influential partners, including Microsoft, Optoelectronica, Soft Galaxy International, and several government organizations within the defense sector. The team aims to offer users AI solutions for self-driving cars, health care, medical industry, face and voice recognition, recruitment, sales automation and lead generation, traffic congestion / smart cities, virtual assistants, border control / secure societies, and agriculture/greenhouse automation.

Moreover, the company will build Blockchains for governments. It will provide all important features, including asset management, voting, smart contracts for health care, supply chain traceability, taxation, identity management and process automation, and lastly, land registration.


What is the project’s goal?

The Solidus AI Tech aims to build a solid community that will support the platform throughout its journey to success. It will reward the community with staking, lottery AirDrop, and burn programs.

The team planned to offer a staking pool after the launch. It will also use 7.5% per annum from this pool to purchase AI services after the Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform launches. Alternatively, users will be able to hold the tokens or sell them in exchange for liquidity.

Stakers will automatically participate in a lottery each quarter. The team will airdrop the winners’ AITECH tokens until the platform’s launch. It will also burn the leftover tokens from the launch after the sale ends. The company also plans to burn additional tokens from the circulation supply every quarter until the platform’s launch. Additionally, it will burn a percentage of the AITECH coins used to purchase services on the platform. As a result, the team will effectively decrease the circulation supply and increase the token price.

What about Unigrid and its token?

AITECH, UGD, and CST tokens are in the spotlight Unigrid is an interesting project that has already managed to attract investors’ attention. It offers the users a global, democratic network with redundant storage and services. The team’s motto is “A network for the people, run by the people.” It believes that its community will be able to put an end to unscheduled downtimes, making them a thing of the past.

The company launched its native utility token on December 10, 2021. The sale will end on December 31. 2021. The price of 1 UGD is 1 USD during the initial coin offering. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and USDT in exchange for its coins. The total supply of the tokens is 150000000.

According to the team, this platform is the next natural step in the evolution of the internet. This load-balanced network will be completely anonymous, as well as resistant to eavesdropping. Besides, its segmented design will enable customers to use cloud services and applications. That guarantees 100% uptime with full data redundancy.

When users save something on the Unigrid network, it will be permanent. The company stated that its network stores customers’ data and then spreads it out in encrypted shards. As a result, it saves pieces in countless locations and makes it virtually impossible to erase the data accidentally. Only the user, as the owner of the data, will be able to remove it from the network.

The team also noted that anybody would be able to contribute resources to the network. The platform will host a gridnode (a service node), supply bandwidth, storage space, and compute cycles. The Unigrid network will reward users with these nodes for their work.

The platform’s native token is very trending currently. Analysts think that it has strong potential. Besides, the company has an experienced team and a well-developed roadmap.


Crypto Stake Eco System’s token is also very hot

Crypto Stake released its token on September 20, 2021. The company plans to end the ICO sale on February 25, 2022. The price of 1 CST is 0.3 USD during the initial coin offering, and the platform accepts BNB and USDT in exchange for its tokens. The total supply of CST is 200000000. This token is on the BSC, and it is very high ranked.

Crypto Stake ecosystem is a relatively new decentralized gambling platform. It offers players worldwide an opportunity to place bets on sports, as well as book events from every corner of the globe. The team believes that people should be able to place bets using cryptos and do that without limitations of what they can bet on.

Thus, any player using this ecosystem will have the chance to use any top 100 cryptocurrencies and exchange them for the platform’s exclusive token CST. That will give its customers better odds on any wager they choose to place on any event, including MMA, Football, Horse Racing, Grey Hound Racing, Boxing, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, and many more.

The team aims to build the biggest and best gambling ecosystem online. It wants to eclipse any other platforms available for crypto betting and thus, give its punters the best returns for their stake.

According to the company, the Crypto Stake token is an essential part of the sportsbook, as well as the future casino ecosystem. It will be the exclusive currency on the Crypto Stake platform and will help to increase betting odds – both for casino games and sports bets.

CST is a digital currency. Players from all around the world will be able to profit if they use this token to place their bets. Besides, placing bets with this platform will be simple, fast, and cost-effective.

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