Al Roker Celebrates His Daughter Courtney’s Wedding With Sweet Family Photos

Television personality Al Roker is having a great 2021. The Today Show weather anchor recently announced the marriage of his eldest daughter, Courtney, on Friday, June 4, 2021, after announcing her engagement in April the year prior. Al has gushed about his lovely family on social media before, but who are his children? Here’s everything we know about Al’s children with his wife, Deborah Roker.

Al has three children with his wife Deborah Roker.

Talk about star-crossed lovers! Good Housekeeping explains that Al and his wife Deborah, who he met in 1990, have been working for rival news outlets for years. When they first met, however, Deborah had joined NBC as a general-assignment reporter, and they were friends before the relationship became romantic.

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When Deborah asked him to house-sit for her while away, Al noticed her apartment was sparse and went out of his way to restock her kitchen and put fresh flowers on the counter with a note that said “Welcome Home.” Al told The Kelly Clarkson Show that no less than a week later, he had his first date with Deborah.

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The pair kept in touch for two years while Deborah was transferred to Miami and Atlanta before she finally returned to New York in 1992. Al and his previous wife Alice were divorced, and in 1994, Al proposed to Deborah on New Year’s Day at the Grand Canyon. They were then married on Sept. 15, 1995, in New York. Deborah later became a stepmother to Al’s daughter with Alice, Courtney.

Shortly after Deborah and Al married, Deborah took a position with ABC News as a correspondent for 20/20. She still reports for 20/20 to this day, along with Good Morning AmericaWorld News Tonight, and Nightline. In 1998 she took a brief break from her role with ABC following the birth of her and Al’s first biological child together, Leila.

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In 2002, Deborah and Al welcomed their second child, Nick. Nick was born with special needs, and the Rokers have been vocal about supporting him and their thankfulness for his occupational therapist. In 2015, Al described occupational therapist Lori Rothman to Today as “a godsend” for helping change his son’s life for the better.

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