Alaska hardcore band She prep debut LP ‘Goodpaster’ (stream “Dyed In The Wool”)

Alaska metallic hardcore band She formed back in 2008 but they never released a full-length, which will change on June 16 with the self-released Goodpaster. It was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Taylor Young and then mastered by Brad Boatright, and we’re now bringing you its ferocious third single, “Dyed In The Wool.” Here’s what vocalist/lyricist Andrew Sims tells us about it:

I wrote this when I was in a particularly negative space. Pinned it on the highway for a real lengthy stretch midday with a mind full of nothing save death then caught the fear seeing a cop driving the opposite direction pull off on the next exit seemingly to try and tag me. Luckily, I saw him and was gone. No harm. No foul. This experience scared the hell out of me. I scared myself, which is a miserable feeling. So, I took it and utilized the moment as a metaphor for chasing one’s goals and dreams. The “love” referenced in the song could be romantical or otherwise an obsession or passion. It’s about how often times the shadow of a thing presents as far larger than the thing itself. We find ourselves wandering a labyrinth of thought parsing out this and that all the while attempting to make left of right. Sometimes there isn’t any sort of clear answer or path and you’re just meant to continue pushing through the reeds. Like many of us, I’m not a particularly sunny-sided individual. I see myself in car wrecks and downed planes. I see myself lost amongst the vine covered concrete of labyrinth hedgerows. Nothing is certain. Not everything is so vague either. We just sort of… navigate the unfamiliarity of life projecting as much familiarity as we’re able to stomach. There’s a reason there are sayings such as “l’appel du vide,” this being that you are not the first person to feel this way. Many have stared into the abyss and envisioned tumbling into it with a sense of relief. Seeing as mental health has become a more prominent and openly discussed issue in our modern society I think it’s incredibly important to speak up. If you or anyone you know exhibits issues with mental health, please, please talk about it. Check on your friends. Check on yourself. Channel that energy into other, more productive avenues. Pin that pedal just to see where you land. One hundred on the fucking highway, baby.

Stream the new song and the two previous singles below…

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