Amazon Prime’s ‘With Love’ Doubles Down On Queer Latine Representation — And I Love It

While maintaining the previous season’s format where different holidays set the scene for storytelling, the eight episodes of the new season of With Love also introduced family-specific dates to the roster, like Lily’s double quinceñera, an engagement party, and a bachelor party (I won’t reveal who is engaged. You’ll have to watch to find out). This slight shift makes the audience feel that we are even closer to the Diaz family than in the first season, like we are truly a part of the family and are invited to any and all family gatherings at the Diaz house. With Love begins where it left off at the end of the last season: Jorge and his beau Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III) are incredibly happy together, now sharing an apartment with Jorge’s best friend Nick (Desmond Chiam), while Lily is struggling to find her footing both in her love life and in her professional endeavors. 

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