Amusing dad joke about the sad cup of coffee will have you in stitches

Dad jokes are amusing everyone on social media this month. What do you call a sad cup of coffee? This one will make you chuckle.

Gags like ‘what do you call a dog that can do magic?’ and ‘what do you call candy that was stolen?’ have had everyone in hysterics.

Their simple child-friendly humor and cheesy pun punchlines just never get old, and this might be the best joke yet…

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What do you call a sad coffee?

So, what do you call a sad coffee?

The answer is…

It’s a cross between the word espresso and depressed. So funny!

Cartoon sad cup of coffee
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You’ll love this one too

Here’s another similar joke…

If you loved the last one, you’ll be obsessed with this quip too.

The answer is…

Blue is another word for feeling low or sad. Hilarious!

Cartoon sad strawberry
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Here are some more hilarious food dad jokes to share on social media or tell your friends…

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