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After another long shutdown, four new Anime Fantasy codes are in.

Anime Fantasy codes are what you’ll want to watch out for over its launch weekend in early May. And we have them all.

This new Roblox tower defense game is picking up steam. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, using its promo codes as they come in (and before they expire) is the best way to go about it.

All Anime Fantasy codes

  • IloveKeen – Gems and 2 Super Lucky boosts (new)
  • SorryforShutdown2 – 2000 Gems and 5 Reroll tokens (new)
  • Discord50k – 1000 Gems and 5 Reroll Tokens (new)
  • CodeGlitched – 1000 Gems (new)
  • Likes4000 – 500 Gems
  • Visit1M – 500 Gems
  • ShadowMonarch – 350 Gems
  • Release – 350 Gems

Expired codes

  • Active10k
  • SorryforShutdown1
  • Likes2500
  • Visit500k
  • AnimeFantasy
  • Sub2Watchpixel
  • Tkz
  • SorryForTimeChamber
  • Visit150k
  • Visit250k
  • Likes1500

How to use Anime Fantasy codes

The Codes NPC in Anime Fantasy on Roblox.

Here’s how to use codes in Anime Fantasy:

  • Launch Anime Fantasy.
  • Walk up to the Code NPC on the second ring of the spawn.
  • Enter a working Anime Fantasy code.
  • Click ‘Redeem’.

Gems, currencies, and boosts from codes apply automatically as soon as you hit redeem. Be sure you’re ready to use a boost before you redeem it.

Gem codes can be used at any level. Reroll token codes will only work once you’ve hit level 5.

How to get more Anime Fantasy codes

Rather than using social media to distribute new codes, Anime Fantasy codes are mostly localized on the Anime Fantasy Discord server. There isn’t even an Anime Fantasy Trello to use as you get started.

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For codes, you’ll have to look deep in the ‘Announcement’ and ‘Game-News’ channels of the Discord server. Or you can just check back here from time to time.

They drop when the game hits milestones with concurrent users, likes, plays, and all that good stuff. Like the game page to help speed up the release of the next code.

Can’t get enough of Roblox freebies? Get using these Anime Switch codes for a shakeup of the traditional franchise mashup you usually find on the platform. And if you like traditional third-person brawlers (and Bleach), Project Mugetsu codes and Type Soul codes are worth using.


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