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Currently in Early Access, sci-fi action shooter Anvil’s latest update aims to tweak the game for the better.

And no, we’re don’t regret this article’s title, not one little bit. Anvil, in case you missed it, launched into Early Access this month, with the core shoot, slash, upgrade gameplay in place.

The update is out now, and adds a range of tweaks, based on player feedback. That’s one of the advantages of launching into Early Access, creators can make radical changes to the game as they see fit. Technically, they can do that after launch but that’s more likely to cause a stir.


The changes include:

  • A new relic, as well as tweaks to several relic stats
  • Improvements to sudden deaths and in-game interactions
  • Enhancements to combat effects and feedback
  • Lower difficulty scaling depending on the number of party members
  • Changes to the alert and anti-hack systems
  • Patches for known bugs and crashes
  • Buffs for Breakers Sandman and Jungler

The difficulty tweak is a smart move, since Anvil’s Steam reviews, which currently rated as “mixed”, have been singling out the difficulty as a problem, particularly when you’re playing solo. Granted, there’s a risk of losing sight of what you want your game to be, but hopefully Anvil won’t fall into that trap.

Anvil is currently in Steam Early Access and can be purchased or wishlisted here.


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