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Apple’s iOS 15 FaceTime update reflects Zoom

Apple’s latest software upgrades aim to make FaceTime more intimidating in the world of videoconferencing. It also continues the privacy campaign against third-party advertisers that can track user data.

On Monday, the company issued its annual WWDC developer event with a virtual keynote. This note previewed software upgrades coming to its multiple device operating systems, which will roll out this fall. This year video calls became essential in life. Therefore, Apple decided to add new features and started to make its FaceTime app even more universal.

The company introduces FaceTime links so that the meeting organizers can share the link to a scheduled FaceTime call. In addition, it can be available even for web-based users without having Macs or other Apple devices. These upgrades can make FaceTime more competitive in this industry against platforms like Microsoft Corp.’s Teams and Zoom Video Communications Inc.  It saw successful adoption during this pandemic among society. People felt a need to catch up with friends, engage in other virtual gatherings, conduct remote business meetings.


Other cool updates

Apple’s new software enhances the audio settings on FaceTime so that users can easily choose to remove noisy background sounds or opt for a more expansive sound profile that better captures everything that is going on around them.
The company plans in a FaceTime call to watch content together at the same time. In addition, the feature SharePlay can work with Apple apps like Apple TV+ and other third parties that decide to participate. They can leverage an application programming interface. HBO Max and Walt Disney+ are among early partners.
Overall, the FaceTime upgrades can now work in Apple operating systems.

AAPL +0.67%, ZM -0.41%, MSFT -0.49%, DIS -0.37%, T -0.34%, H +4.48%, PYPL +0.98%, XLK +0.01%, DJIA -0.09%.

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