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Are you craving more Lil Nas X? Peek at this queer icon’s wildest IG posts – Film Daily

Lil Nas X is unapologetically himself (which is why we love him) and nowhere is that more true than on his IG. Lil Nas X’s IG is full of his incredible style, amazing humor, and enough content to make any fan happy for a long, long time. 

With a strong social media game and two chart-topping songs, Lil Nas X’s IG is the place to be to celebrate and laugh with the young rapper who’s always prepared to strut his stuff in pride. 

That pride is also pretty contagious, because we searched through Lil Nas X’s IG account for his best posts that’ll make any fan’s day! Get ready to double tap as we dive into Lil Nas X’s IG. 

Strike a pose

His confidence is just . . . yes!

LNX 02

Dress to impress

Seriously, how does he look that good?!

LNX 03

Meme time

A man of culture, we see. 

PostLNX 04

Cloud nine 

He’s just . . . . too pretty . . . . 

LNX 05


Get a man who can do both! 

LNX 06

Work of art 

Easy to make with such a good muse

LNX 07


The Sass is strong with this one . . . . 

LNX 08

Bling bling 

That opal is just *chef’s kiss*

LNX 09

Blue steel 

Gotta love a classic. 

LNX 10

Free hugs 

Aka what we would do if we met him! 

Have any other great posts from Lil Nas X’s IG? Drop them below in the comments to keep the horse on the Ole Town Road.

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