Ashley Is Having Her Baby on ‘MAFS: Couples’ Cam’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In the clip, Ashley is in labor for more than seven hours before her first epidural doesn’t take. Anthony explains that, because she’s still “early enough in the labor process,” the doctor is able to give her a second one. Unfortunately, that, too, wears off before it can be of more use. Ashley is clearly in pain, but the epidural is also supposed to be useful for when it’s time to begin pushing.

“Now, Ashley’s second epidural is starting to wear off,” Anthony explains, as Ashley moans out of pain and worries about waiting three hours for her next epidural, presumably the amount of time she had waited for her second one. As it turns out, she doesn’t have three hours.

“She’s feeling contractions,” Anthony adds. “There’s not enough time to get a third epidural. The baby’s coming. She’s on her way.”

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