Behind the On-Set Drama Between These Two ‘Station 19’ Stars — Details

Things got worse when an April episode of Station 19 dealt with Andy’s sexual assault. During the broadcast, Danielle chimed in with a PSA about consent.

A tweet posted to Danielle’s account read, “If there’s one thing we should take away from tonight’s episode, it’s this: consent is an ongoing negotiation! I can’t reiterate this loudly enough. Everyone, no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, needs to learn this.”

Shortly after, Jaina left a cryptic comment on a Danielle Savre fan account. The Station 19 actress wrote, “The false tweets are overdone.”

Jaina’s comment seemingly called into question whether Danielle actually supports victims of sexual assault, and claimed that Danielle’s assistant was behind the tweets and knew “exactly what to say” to make Danielle look good. This was furthered by the fact that, in her live video with Barrett, Danielle admitted to having “struggled with the Me Too movement.”

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