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Jumeirah Park is a fantastic development that provides luxurious housing. Having rental properties in this region has the advantage of dealing with high-income renters.

In other words, it lowers the risk of a check bounce and even allows for longer leasing agreements.

Jumeirah Park Dubai properties for rent and sale

The development is geared on family life and so exclusively provides villas. 

We’ve included some pricing below to give you a sense of the current rent or sale market depth (as of April). The cost of living in this neighborhood is greater than the national average for villas in Dubai.

The following are the starting pricing for purchases:

3-bedroom villas range from AED 2,950,000.00 to AED 3,100,000.00; 4-bedroom villas range from AED 3,350,000.00 to AED 3,460,000.00; and 5-bedroom villas range from AED 5,350,000.00 to AED 6,000,000.00.

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The following are the starting rent costs in this area:

3-bedroom villas cost between AED 165,000.00 and AED 190,000.00 per year; 4-bedroom villas cost between AED 180,000.00 and AED 195,000.00 per year; 5-bedroom villas cost between AED 260,000.00 and AED 295,000.00 per year.

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What are the characteristics of the properties at Jumeirah Park?

As you can see, there are three, four, and five-bedroom homes in Jumeirah Park. 

The external design motif of these villas differs:

  • French-styled Heritage villas; and
  • Spanish red-tiled roofs on Legacy and Legacy Nova residences;
  • Regional villas with traditional Arabic architecture.

A swimming pool is not usually included in smaller villas, but it is always present in big villas of Jumeirah Park Dubai. Each house is separate and features a garage with two parking places, a terrace, and a green yard.

On the other hand, the phrase “a little villa” will not mislead your tenants. In actuality, homeowners usually prefer big villas in Jumeirah Park Dubai because they offer the highest level of seclusion and luxury. To be clear, the flats vary in size and facilities, but they are all larger than the average in Dubai. Such homes are in excellent shape as a result of their recent construction and well-organized upkeep.

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Jumeirah Park’s Benefits

Of course, the region is well-known for its family-friendly atmosphere and luxury residences, both in terms of space and finish. These aren’t the only benefits of living in Jumeirah Park, either.

Tenants with large families flock to this community because of its amazing blend of tranquil neighborhood and prime location near the city.

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  • Jumeirah Park is ideal for an active lifestyle.

Jumeirah Park is not simply a moniker. On the other side, its name emphasizes the park’s importance. In total, there are more than ten. Several parks dot the outskirts of the neighborhood. Some merely offer playgrounds for children and comfortable benches to rest and relax on. 

The bulk of these parks, on the other hand, are fantastic locations to live an active lifestyle. They have excellent running trails. Furthermore, they are ideal for riding. Outdoor sports facilities are unquestionably excellent in this area. A full-sized tennis court, as well as a gorgeous clubhouse and the Jumeirah Park Leisure Centre, are all nearby.

A nice swimming pool, gyms, and a range of other workout activities are available to residents. Finally, it is worth noting that Jumeirah Park is pet-friendly. It takes pride in having pet-friendly villas and a big number of parks where canines may roam and play.

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  • Convenience and Living Standard

The project is close to Garn Al Sabkha St / D59 and Sheikh Zayed Road. To clarify, the latter provides simple access to the city and, as a result, benefits the region’s position owing to its proximity. Your renters will love living in a calm, serene, and extremely greenish neighborhood if they live in Jumeirah Park. 

Take advantage of the low noise levels surrounding them. Noise pollution is not an issue for Jumeirah Park homeowners, making it the ideal spot to return home to when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai life. Finally, enjoy cleaner air as a result of the community’s low traffic and plenty of plants, trees, and grass. Nonetheless, if they want to have some fun, they only need to travel a few minutes to the city.

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This neighborhood is home to one of the greatest schools in Dubai. We are referring to Dubai British School. Those of your renters who have primary or secondary school-aged children would undoubtedly welcome the option to study at a well-established school with a world-renowned British curriculum. 

Indeed, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics and skills that are essential for future higher education. Furthermore, not only does the facility provide facilities for general education, but it also provides facilities for art training.

To be more specific, families with art-interested children will find everything they need at Dubai Performing Arts Academy to develop and strengthen their children’s artistic talents.

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The drawbacks of residing in Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park, being a true residential neighborhood, imposes some constraints on individuals who enjoy going clubbing or who want additional retail and restaurant amenities to entertain themselves. 

To be honest, we don’t consider these to be major disadvantages of living in the neighborhood. Just some things to think about. In fact, Dubai’s residents may become tired of the city’s incessant hubbub by the end of the day.

Tenants with families, in our experience, value the ease of living in a quiet neighborhood where they can just rest and unwind when they come home. After all, this resort is within a 10-minute drive from a wealth of entertainment options.

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  • Jumeirah Park public transportation

The absence of public transit in Jumeirah Park may provide a barrier. DMCC, the closest metro station, is about a 5-minute drive away.

Furthermore, there is no bus stop in or near the area. However, if your tenants are serious about making Jumeirah Park their home, this does not appear to be a significant barrier. For starters, there is no noise pollution when there is no public transportation.

2nd, since this is a gated neighborhood for upper-income families. In most cases, such families have at least one vehicle, which provides greater mobility flexibility than any bus or subway alternative. 

To summarise, Jumeirah Park is a really appealing residential development.

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