Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

9 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

With about 54% of consumers preferring visual content over other forms of media, it’s only fair to adopt video marketing as one of the primary methods of marketing your business.

Visual content in 2022 is one of the most preferred ways of communication. Not just on an individual level, but people expect their favourite brands to communicate with them only through videos. With different forms of digital media being consumed repeatedly, video marketing is currently one of the most effective ways of communication that brands can undertake.

Since audience retention and engagement are really effective for brand recognition, investing both capital and time in video marketing and a video editing platform is the route to go. And, if, as a brand, you are not realising and making full use of the vast potential of video marketing, you are practically giving up on a lot of opportunities in the form of conversions and more customers for your business.

In this post, we will understand the importance of video marketing and how it can help your business.

Visual content can potentially increase your conversions

Businesses prefer visual content because of how easy it makes for people to understand the fundamentals of a business. And when they understand, they make the decision of whether they want to buy a product/service or not.

Explainer videos are one of the best videos for your consumers to get clarity about your business and learn what your product/service does.

This, in return, can boost your conversions. A study by Hubspot says that visual content can practically increase purchases for your business by 144%.

Visual content is sharable

One of the most effective ways to improve your business discoverability is by making your content more shareable. When a customer sees an attention-grabbing video, they share it with others. Since visual content is easy to consume, getting your videos shared naturally will prove very effective for your business as it seriously improves your discoverability.

Creating a simple, easy-to-consume video and illustrating it in one of the most creative ways possible can introduce it to multiple screens of countless new consumers.

Video creation requires little to no investment

If you are just getting started with video marketing, you might as well not worry about any investments. Since video creation is a creative process, all it requires is an idea being captured on a camera and edited in the way you want to create a compelling output.

The editing part is fairly easy as well. A decent video editing program with all the important editing features is enough for you to create videos that appeal to your audience. The video trimming is as necessary as the video content is. It is a part of video editing that lets you get rid of the unnecessary portion of the video. After recording the video, you might notice some portions of the video you recorded are not required. You can discard them by using a video trimmer. In addition to the above-given ideas, make sure that you do not skip the video trimming steps. More importantly, distributing these videos is easy and free with platforms like YouTube.

Visual content infuses trust among your viewers

Before a customer decides whether to buy from your business or not, it’s important that they establish trust in your business first. When viewers hear your voice, see your face, and understand your message, they engage with your product or likely check out your service.

The psychology behind visual content is that it establishes a direct relationship between the narrator/actor of the video and the viewer.

As far as the type of content is concerned, you can show anything right from interviews of your employees, visual testimonials, to the BTS of your business. All these things help viewers and businesses build a relationship.

Target cold audience

Every business has a cold audience that has heard about the business but isn’t engaging with the brand anymore or isn’t interested in buying a product/service currently being offered.

Selling to such an audience requires you to catch them up to speed since it’s been a while since they have heard from you.

To sell to this traffic, a video is one of the best modes of communication. Video content can show your customers that you have the solutions and that your products are an ideal match for their problems.

It is also a good opportunity for you to re-introduce your brand to a cold audience, especially if you have recently revamped it.

Visual content appeals to mobile users

Mobile phones are among the most used devices for consuming visual content over desktops and laptops. Since smartphones are one of the handiest devices, consuming content through them is simpler and easier.

Considering the number of smartphone users, it only makes sense if your visual content is aimed towards 90% of consumers watching videos on their smartphones.

Videos are of many types

From long-form videos to less than a minute video content, visual content has many forms. Whether your brand is best reflected by live-streaming or through short-form content like Instagram reels, you can always find a place to distribute these videos. The best thing? Every medium has an audience.

With every form of visual content you publish, your chances of engagement increase. Whether you are active on Facebook/Instagram or YouTube, you always have the right means and platforms to distribute your content. A good video editing platform will guide you through the various types of videos you can create, depending on each channel.

Google prefers videos

With the recent surge in visual content consumption, search engines like Google are now favouring videos more than ever. A report by Impact Plus says that a business is 50 times more likely to be discovered and ranked by Google if the content contains videos.

Recently with even YouTube (a Google-owned video company) investing $100 million into their YouTube Shorts, a short-form video platform also ensures that big players like Google are invested in visual content.

And since having good ranks in the SERPs is beneficial for your business, you wouldn’t want to miss out on visual content at all and that makes a good video editing program more important now than ever.

Video marketing is constantly evolving

With a simple yet effective toolkit for video creation, you can practically create all kinds of videos that complement your business. To ensure you are constantly evolving with your video marketing, you can also adopt 1:1 videos and 360 videos since they are gaining popularity lately.

More importantly, since there are so many distribution platforms, finding your target audience is easier than ever.

Conclusion -Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

Visual content is evolving and seems to have a promising future for creators and businesses alike.

A simple, creative marketing campaign can bring tangible benefits to your business that other means don’t even have the potential.

Getting started with video marketing is easier, convenient, and simpler than ever. If your business isn’t following the latest video marketing strategies, it’s practically missing out on a lot of opportunities.


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