Best sleep gadgets of 2021: Drift away with smart sleeping masks, white noise machines and more

Humans spend about one-third of their lives asleep–or at least we are supposed to. These sleep gadgets are designed to help people drift to sleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed.

Humans spend approximately one-third of their lives asleep. It should really come as no surprise that the market for assistive sleep aids is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are myriad devices designed to help people slowly drift to sleep at the end of the day and wake feeling rested and refreshed. From smart sleep masks and white noise machines to devices engineered to optimize pillow and bed temperature, here are six of the best sleep gadgets of 2021.

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Preferred bed temperature will vary from person-to-person and it can be difficult to maintain this ideal coolness or warmth seasonally. This product uses a two-part system (a bed cover and a control hub) to control the temperature of the bed. The hub distributes water to the “active grid cover” to add warmth or cool as needed and a paired app controls the system and provides access to sleep reports.

$1,745 at Eight Sleep


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The sleep aid from Dodow uses a metronome and lightning to help people fall asleep. The surface of the unit is touch-sensitive. This allows people to choose either an eight-minute or 20-minute sleep “exercise.” A small light glows and people are tasked with syncing their breathing rate with the beam as it expands and contracts. “Dodow gradually slows down your breathing from 11 to six breaths per minute,” according to the manufacturer.

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Sleep masks are a popular sleep aid for many; especially light sleepers and frequent fliers. The illumy Smart Sleep Mask provides a technological twist on the classic sleep mask. Similar to traditional sleep masks, the design blocks out external light to minimize sleep disturbances. But on the inside, the model features a pair of lights to simulate a sunrise or sunset to ease people to sleep and gently wake them. People are able to optimize their sunset and sunrise alarm settings in the available app. This includes alarm time (with or without sound), length of sunrise, length of sunset, and more.

$100 at Illumy


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Wearable devices that measure biofeedback and movement to help people understand sleep metrics are popular, but these products can be uncomfortable. Unlike restrictive or cumbersome wearables, this pad sits under the mattress to monitor sleep cycles. A paired app illustrates sleep data and the unit features IFTTT smart home integration (thermostat, lighting, etc.) to further enhance sleep cycles.

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Warmth from our bodies and breathing can quickly heat up a pillow during sleep. Rather than flipping the pillow to find the cooler side, the two-unit Moona active cooling system uses a pod and a pillow insert to maintain the preferred temperature all night. Individuals are able to set their desired temperature on the Moona pod and this unit uses water to adjust the pillow temperature. The sleep pad is constructed with memory foam for comfort and touts a sleep tracker. An available app allows people to understand their sleep patterns, set a “gentle alarm using temperature,” and more.

$400 at Moona


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White noise machines are popular sleep aids, especially for light sleepers who live in noisy environments. While some machines use audio tracks to produce white noise, this Snooz device has a built-in fan to mitigate nighttime disturbances. The unit features 10 volume levels depending on a person’s preference and top-mounted controls make it easy to adjust the volume in the middle of the night. Measuring 5.6-inches in diameter and 3.2.-inches in height with a total weight of 1.1 pounds, the unit is highly portable for frequent travelers who prefer to bring the device on trips. The product can also be operated via the Snooz app.

$80 at Amazon

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