BTS Suga pays tribute to ARMY’s unconditional love in Amygdala

BTS Suga’s album D-Day has dropped and fans are loving the B-side including AMYGDala and Huh?! featuring J-hope. Lets take a look at AMYGDALA’s meaning and lyrics as the rapper confirms MV date of the song.

Fans of BTS will be getting not two but three music videos out of Suga’s debut album D-Day. The rapper has further hinted that the AMYGDALA MV will be crucial in the Agust D narrative and should be watched in a row with Daechwita and Haegeum.

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Meaning of Agust D’s Amygdala lyrics

Agust D’s Amygdala meaning is making fans emotional and paired with the heart-piercing lyrics, the song is an early favorite. Amygdala means the region of the brain which is primarily associated with emotional processes.

But in BTS ARMY-verse, Amygdala takes on a deeper meaning as one explained: “the Amygdala attaches emotional meaning to memories and detects danger, taking control over your body to protect you, when he says “my Amygdala come and save me,” it’s like he is asking it to activate his fight or flight response so he can deal with the pain from those memories.”

Amygdala is deeply personal as a rather vulnerable Suga talks about painful memories and unfortunate incidents he had to go through asking ARMY as AMYGDALA to come and save him from those memories.

In the pre-chorus he sings, “I don’t know your name, your name, your name/ Travelling to my memories/ I don’t know your name, your name, your name/ Now, let’s erase them one by one, yes, one by one.”

In the chorus, Suga asks, “My amygdala (My amygdala)/ Save me, hurry up and get me out of here.”

Fans get emotional over Amygdala’s lyrics

Suga’s Amygdala lyrics are so raw, it’s making fans shed tears: “After reading the lyrics, I wanted to get a better understanding of the meaning of amygdala. I’m crying so hard…he went through so much more than we ever imagined. Thank you for trusting us Yoongi. We will love & support you always.”

Another called it a favorite from D-Day, “I didn’t think I had a favorite but I really think amygdala is. The way she says “my amygdala” it’s like she’s dear to him like his unconscious that came out of her is holding him tight, this song has such a deep meaning.”

A third fan posted:

Release date of Amygdala MV

Following the release of the Haegeum music video, Suga teased the drop of Amygdala MV which will be released on April 25 at 12 am KST/ April 24, at 11 am ET/4 pm BST.

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