CaizCoin and R1 Ranked High as ICOs – DeFi Market Wrap

CaizCoin and R1 Ranked High as ICOs – DeFi Market Wrap

CaizCoin is Islamic Finance’s native token. Its ICO began on August 30, 2021, but to this day, this token remains one of the leaders on the HOT ICOs’ lists. According to the company, Caiz is synonymous with jaiz of the Arabic language, meaning permissible, certain, and legal.

CaizCoin is also a permissible and legal cryptocurrency. It has been launched to impart innumerable financial benefits and utilization. Furthermore, it is the first liberal Islamic blockchain of cryptocurrency. The founders believe that CaizCoin’s token valuation will increase with time.

They also hope that this token will bring an ethical revolution in the financial world of cryptocurrency. The company’s main focus is on smaller investments, and it aims to bring real profit and advantages to its clients.

To achieve the highest transparency, CaizCoin decided to introduce a ledger system. Investors will be able to check it by any node anytime. However, the ledger will be available only on the provision of secret details of the nodes. Besides, the company makes sure to check the exchange and the payments under a payment gateway system. E-wallet will control the transactions to make the cryptocurrency safe and secure for every investor.

What About CaizCoin’s Advantages?

The company allows investors to make transactions without paying fees, but there is a certain withdrawal ratio. Furthermore, it offers instant transfer of funds and absolute security thanks to blockchain technology.

CAIZ is trading for $0.125 per token during the initial coin offering. However, the company plans to increase its value with time. As a result, first investors will have more advantages and gain more. CaizCoin plans to launch 999,999,999 tokens.

The company especially encourages investors from countries whose currencies are not recognized globally and not given special consideration by the international market to invest.

With CaizCoin, they will have a chance to participate in the global market and do it easily and securely, without losing their hard-earned money into scams or other nefarious schemes.

Binance Listed KEEP Token on its Platform

Binance Allows Deposit Staking Rewards - Finance BrokerageBinance announced that it would list Keep Network’ token on its platform today. The exchange will also open trading for KEEP/BTC, KEEP/BUSD, KEEP/USDT, and KEEP/BNB trading pairs.

Keep Network is also available for trading on the other top exchanges, including HitBTC, Kraken, Coinbase Exchange, MXC.COM, and Hoo. Currently, there are circulating 529,421,356 KEEP coins on the market. However, the total supply is 1,000,000,000 KEEPs.

Keep network is incentivized for encrypting and storing private data on the public blockchain. They created the Network of off-chain containers for private data called keeps. According to the company, the KEEP work token would enable the platform to be completely permissionless.

Furthermore, Keep aims to solve the main problem holding back broader blockchain adoption: data on public blockchains are public. But with Keep, developers will finally be able to build fully decentralized apps.

The first application built on the Keep network is tBTC. It is a Bitcoin bridge on Ethereum. This open-source project supports various groups, including Keep, the Cross-Chain Group, and Summa. tBTC is a Bitcoin-backed ERC-20 token, facilitating BTC holders acting on the Ethereum blockchain and earning their Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, KEEP is the Network’s native utility token with a slashing model and dividends. It provides sybil resistance, which enables the Keep network to become censorship-resistant and permissionless.

How Can Token Holders Use KEEP?

Users can avail themselves of various advantages if they decide to buy KEEP tokens. They can secure tBTC via staking and become part of the Keep network; run the random beacon and ECDSA nodes on the Network; run tBTC like a full node. According to the company, KEEP stakers can play a larger role as tBTC signers by bonding ETH. They will also be able to earn fees for providing work on the Network.

Keep Network features off-chain containers for private data without compromising transparency or audibility, which makes it unique. Besides, tBTC is censorship-resistant as it uses KEEPs to store data. Each TBTC token is fully backed and matched by at least 1 BTC held in reserve.

R1Economy’s Token is Already Available

R1Economy launched its native token’s ICO today. R1 is already on the hotlist, and it is trading for $0.0006 per token during the initial coin offering. The R1Economy team created this TRC20 – TRON(TRX) token to give its users additional advantages and increase their participation in the network.

The company aims to solve the target of widespread use by earning tokens from the transfer. This decentralized network also aims to ensure price stability with the growth of its user base. Furthermore, traders can stake and transfer coins, as well as earn them by using this app. Another advantage is that the unlimited supply. That means each user will be able to earn coins.

However, there are certain restrictions to regulate this unlimited supply. The hourly percentage changes of the transfer numbers recorded on the network each hour determine these adjustments.

How Will R1Economy Work?

According to the R1Economy team, the number of transfers per hour on the platform will differ from each other. These varying transfer numbers provide different gains for the investors. These gains increase as the number of transfers decreases. There are also other advantages, such as a decrease in the number of transfers and an increase in the number of tokens to be earned.

The company has a well-developed roadmap. First of all, it plans to establish the R1Economy Platform, which will become the united space for economists, strategists, and users. Strategists and Economists will be able to sell their data, indicators, and articles as NFTs.

CaizCoin and R1 ranked high as ICOs – DeFi market wrap

Investors from all around the world will find the data they want on the R1Economy Platform. Furthermore, the company will offer evaluations of economists’ technical, fundamental analysis to free users. It will also list the tokens of Individual and Corporate companies as Start-up Projects. Users who have a project and are looking for investors may also list their projects on R1Ex.

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