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Cannes Film Festival: Why is Bill Murray getting the meme treatment? – Film Daily

Bill Murray is a legend, plain & simple. The famous actor rolled up to the Cannes Film Festival two days ago in an outfit that is now fresh meme fodder for the internet and we’re still giggling. 

Murray showed up to promote his new film The French Dispatch at the Cannes Film Festival in a colorful button up, simple shorts and running shoes, looking more prepared for a day on the golf course than to walk the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet. 

Naturally, Twitter immediately started creating memes using the photos of Bill Murray’s look from the Cannes Film Festival. We walked down the red carpet to find the best reactions to Bill Murray’s latest look. Grab your fedoras and dive into the memes about this amazing look from the Cannes Film Festival. 

High art 

It truly is just *chef’s kiss*. 

Reo town 

That’s pretty accurate, we won’t lie . . . . 

Get good 

He’s only unlocked when you get to the final boss


Again, seems pretty accurate. 

Florida couple 

They’re also the two kinds of people who show up to a last minute party. Tell us we’re wrong. 

Fashion apocalypse 

Aka the worst of the fashion police. 

All good 

We love to see everyone laughing together! 


More like Level 2 Bard, Level 10 Bard, Level 20 Bard, and the DM


He truly is his own mode of being . . . . 

Be anything 

Make that into a t-shirt, we’ll throw money at you. 

Have any other great memes of Bill Murray’s outfit at the Cannes Film Festival? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep strutting our stuff! 

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