Carcass announce new LP ‘Torn Arteries’ & debut new song (exclusive white vinyl pre-order)

Pre-order our white vinyl variant of the new Carcass album, limited to 500.

Last year, British death metal legends Carcass delayed the release of their seventh full-length album Torn Arteries and put out the Despicable EP instead, but now they’ve finally officially announced the anticipated album. Torn Arteries drops September 17 via Nuclear Blast, and it features “Under The Scalpel Blade” from Despicable as well as the just-released new single “Kelly’s Meat Emporium.” Like the songs on the EP, “Kelly’s Meat Emporium” finds this veteran band sounding as urgent and ferocious as ever. Listen below.

We’ve also teamed with the band on an exclusive white 2xLP vinyl variant, limited to 500 copies. The only place to get it is in our stores so pre-order yours while they last.

“It’s very clean, white, which we’ve never done before,” vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker said of the album cover. “It doesn’t look evil, or typically death metal, but I like how clean it is; almost like a coffee table book.” As for the album title, it comes from the name of an old demo that original drummer Ken Owen made back in the ’80s.

1. Torn Arteries
2. Dance of Ixtab (Psychopomp & Circumstances March No. 1)
3. Eleanor Rigor Mortis
4. Under The Scalpel Blade
5. The Devil Rides Out
6. Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Limited
7. Kelly’s Meat Emporium
8. In God We Trust
9. Wake Up And Smell The Carcass / Caveat Emptor
10. The Scythe’s Remorseless Swing

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