Celebrate Pride Month with inspiring quotes that honor the LGBTQ+ community

Here are 57 inspiring Pride Month 2023 quotes to share on social media and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community this June.

Celebrated every year, Pride Month is 30 days dedicated to honoring and commemorating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Pride began after the Stonewall riots with a series of gay liberation protests in 1969 and it’s now become a worldwide movement.

Events and marches take place across the globe which celebrate the LGBTQ+ rights movement and drive more changes.

Many also celebrate on social media sites like Instagram. If you want to show your support, here are some Pride Month 2023 quotes to share…

Wrapped in bisexual flag and pride flags this trio are waving small pride flags and watching a gay pride event. (Getty)

43 Pride Month 2023 quotes

Attention please, you are proudly attending Pride parade!
Person holding up a megaphone with various Pride flags coming out of it; part of Pride collection illustrations. (Getty)
love is love text in rainbow neon style on wall
Love is love text in rainbow neon style on wall. (Getty)

Keep reading for some more Pride Month 2023 quotes. Here are some great Pride captions for your Instagram photos too.

Gay couple looking at the camera.
Multi-ethnic gay couple smiling and looking at the camera while hugging, both wearing a hoodie with the LGBT flag. (Getty)

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