“Cheer” Season 1 Introduced The World Of Cheerleading. Season 2 Shows The Reality Of It.

Harris’ former teammate Butler talks about her struggle to reconcile the two versions of her friend: the cheerful sweetheart and the alleged abuser, mourning the loss of that person as if he died. And in many ways, we can think of Cheer season 2 in the same way. The team we once knew is no longer the same, and by virtue of this, neither is the docuseries. That magical earnestness captured in the first season can’t be replicated, and to go into the second season expecting the same would be a disservice to both ourselves as viewers and the show as a whole. Sure, by the end of the second season, one team wins, one team loses, and the winners run into the water at Daytona Beach. But the real story, as the second season attempts to do, is what happens off the bandshell, starting conversations that’ll hopefully have an impact on the sport long past next year’s championship.

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