Chloe Van Landschoot Talks FROM Season 2, Kristi and Kenny’s Bond & What’s Next For Kristi

FROM Season 2 is in full swing, and the stakes have never been higher.

For Kristi, the town’s resident medical expert, the arrival of a new set of strangers brings a blast from her past in the form of her fiancée. And to say it’s a shock to the system would be the understatement of the century.

TV Fanatic caught up with Kristi’s portrayer, the lovely Chloe Van Landschoot, to talk through Kristi’s reaction to seeing her fiancée again, what this may mean for her and the lovable Kenny, and what we can expect to see from Kristi throughout this season.

Van Landschoot was an absolute joy, FROM fanatics!

Kristi Reacts - FROM Season 2 Episode 2

Congratulations on season two of FROM. The fan reception to FROM has been wonderful. How have you felt about the fans’ reactions and excitement for the series?

Oh, it’s honestly super heartwarming. To go into a second season and to have a fan base that’s just so excited for the show to come out is amazing. There’s a FROM Facebook group and a FROM Reddit thread. And to see this community that’s been built from this show that a bunch of us created is amazing.

I think it’s really special. And the fact that people are loving it is a bonus.

Have you and the cast looked into fan theories and seen what people have been saying?

Oh, yeah, totally. I mean, it’s fun because we are all in Halifax shooting. No one’s from Halifax, so we all get sent in to shoot the show. So, we’re all kind of each other’s community. Especially during season one, we all spent a lot of time together, really getting to know each other.

And yes, there were so many dinners and hangouts of us just being like, “What is going on here?” And we would try to talk to John, our writer, about it, try to get something out of him, and he won’t budge. We got no clue what’s going on. We theorize all the time. It’s super fun to read what fans come up with, too, the little details they find.

Frozen In Time - FROM Season 2 Episode 1

The obsessions of little tiny moments are amazing. I was like, “Wow, their creativity is off the wall.” So, yeah, it’s a ton of fun to read.

In FROM Season 2 Episode 1, Kristi reunited with Marielle. And in FROM Season 2 Episode 2, they got a chance to talk. What do you think was going through Kristi’s mind in that moment when she saw her for the first time?

Oh, man, Kristi’s brain was broken. I think we’re so used to seeing her have an answer, a solution, something, and we just kind of watch her freeze. She is so filled up to the brim with feelings that she doesn’t even know how to communicate. She’s really giving Marielle in that moment the space to let her have her anger.

But Kristi also doesn’t know how to explain this place either. So she’s really kind of taking it in, and her emotions are kind of boiling over to the point where Kristi can’t quite be logical in that moment. And I mean, who can?

It’s so overwhelming. It’s terror. It’s love. It’s guilt. It’s everything all at once colliding with however Marielle’s feeling, her anger, her confusion, her fear. It’s a lot. And we watch those two in that scene do a dance with each other of, “How do we find each other?”

So the whole season is about that. And it’s super visceral, real, tense, and full of love.

Paramedic Kristi - From Season 1 Episode 1

Yeah, it’s a ride. Those two are a total ride this season.

It felt like Kristi had these warring emotions in the moment. She was probably happy. She was probably devastated. All these different things are playing out. And you played that beautifully just in how you communicated, almost like you were in shock.


It was very nice.

It was definitely Kristi’s broken brain for sure, and I think it was really nice—a really great opportunity for the audience to be let into Kristi’s humanity a lot more. I think in season one, you see that she’s calm, cool, and collected. She loses her cool a little bit here and there.

But for the most part, she’s focused, she keeps her cards close, and we haven’t quite got to know her in that way yet. I think the arrival of Marielle brings a mirror to Kristi to reflect on who she was, who she is, and what’s changed for her, which I think is really exciting.

That flows nicely with another question I had for you, which is, what’s something that you feel like we’ll get to learn about Kristi or see from her that we didn’t get to see in season one?

Yeah, kind of like her humanity. She spent so much of season one really suppressing how she was feeling in order to do her job. And she put a lot of her identity into the clinic, into her role there, into being relied on, into being needed.

And I think in season two, again the arrival of Marielle kind of being a mirror for her, we’re going to see Kristi lean into parts of who she was, parts of her, I think, that she realizes are no longer there and then also the parts of her that have transformed as well. Without giving too much away.

Paying Respects - From Season 1 Episode 1

Sure, sure.

Yeah, we’ll definitely see her have a bit more of a challenge. We’ll see that push and pull of what happens when your feelings take over and your logical brain goes elsewhere.

Kristi and Kenny formed this very deep bond while trapped in this really horrific place.

It’s exactly what you said. It’s a beautiful bond. I think these are two people who have really important jobs in the town that require people to rely on them. And both of them have to keep their cards close and not let too much of their emotions override in order to do their job.

So there’s a mutual understanding of what’s required of them, and they’re each other’s person in a way. They found that in one another. There’s a deep connection.

They’ve been through so much together, so much trauma. And when you experience something like that with somebody, yeah, you totally trauma-bond too. That’s a real thing.

Sharing News - FROM Season 1 Episode 8

And there’s definitely love there, of course, but I think love takes so many shapes, and that’s what Kristi’s starting to realize too. Yeah, there’s a deep connection and a love there for Kenny, but she’s never released into a type of romantic love.

It’s felt like your person kind of friendship, not your best friend, deeper than a best friend. What can I compare it to? Your work person, one who just gets you in that way because you’ve gone through so much together.

But with the arrival of Marielle, Kristi’s catapulted back into those other parts of her. And I think she’s very focused on navigating that with Marielle. And the idea of Kenny takes a bit more of a backseat in a way because in season one, when we end, Kristi’s just starting to toy with the idea of letting go but hasn’t fully said anything.

She’s confused. She doesn’t know what to do.

And I think with the arrival of Marielle, Kristi’s also starting to grapple with, “Did I summon her here?” Because immediately after, I started to maybe say, yes, she’s here. So that’s a big thing that Kristi’s grappling with as well. And that guilt very much propels her into just navigating with Marielle.

Kristi Laments - FROM Season 1 Episode 9

It was interesting in that scene between Kristi and Kenny that you could see Kenny’s heartbreak on his face, but there was also a lot of concern.

I know.

For both Kristi and Marielle.

Totally. It’s so complex. There’s no black or white to this at all. With Kenny and Kristi, there’s so much in that dynamic that just isn’t said between the two of them, which is honest and real. And as the season progresses, we get a little bit more involved with that. But yeah, Kristi’s going through it.

Is there anything you can tease for us about where this story will go between the three of them?

I think Kristi’s pretty focused on navigating and trying to find Marielle, and we get to watch Kenny grapple with that, which is really interesting, him having to navigate his own kind of feelings around that. And I’ll leave it at that.

Chloe Van Landschoot At FROM Premiere

Okay, okay. I’ll take it.

I read in your bio that you were a nurse. With Kristi being a med student and having that medical background, I assume that’s something that drew you to the role. Is that something you felt connected you with Kristi?

Oh, a hundred percent. I mean, I was still nursing at the time when I got the audition, and I read the sides, the audition sides, the scenes that they were going to have me do, and I immediately connected with her.

I was like, “Oh, I’ve literally been in some sort of this situation before in a hospital,” and I just had an inner confidence about her. There’s a nuance to her, she’s seen a lot, but she doesn’t show everybody what she’s seen on her face. So I think that underbelly of her really resonated with me, and I felt deeply connected right away.

And it was really cool. Because when I got hired, they didn’t know I was a nurse. So once they found out, I had a lot more agency around all of those medical things that happened.

I got to be really involved in terms of what’s medically accurate. How do we keep this super tense and crazy to watch but still stay true to how things would actually go?

And it was a really gratifying experience to be able to bring all of those nursing skills and medical skills, all that physicality and experience on camera. It was a total gift.

One of the things I love, and you talked about this earlier too, one of the things I love most about FROM is that there’s a huge cast, so many different characters, and onscreen, it does feel like you guys are this big family that is just trauma-bonding, but also just bonding.

And being in this crazy environment, you get that family feel extended onscreen.

How was the filming experience for you guys up there? I know you guys were tucked away together, so what has that filming experience been like?

Oh man, it’s been such a joy ride. Yeah, like I said, no one was from Halifax, so we all got brought in and became each other’s community and each other’s people to rely on and talk about and decompress with.

And I think that fed into the narrative of the show as well. It’s a bunch of people from all walks of life stuck in this town, and it’s pretty wild.

Unexpected Arrival - FROM Season 1 Episode 1

But at a certain point, you do have to domesticate in a way. You absorb the trauma, you deal with the trauma, and then eventually, you have to just survive and domesticate in a way.

And I feel like the domestication we created off-camera lent itself to how you see that play out in the show, people just trying to have a normal life amongst the trauma and the horror that is this town.

And I think that’s what makes this show so captivating is we’re watching people live their lives in a way, too, with all the normal human struggles people navigate. I mean, yes, there are monsters, but there are also monsters all over this planet that we’re living on, too. So it’s not that far from the truth in the show at all.

It’s kind of this distilled version of the world we’re living in too, and how important it’s for people to band together and come together and trust one another in order to survive.

Patching Ellis Up - FROM Season 1 Episode 8

That’s a great way of explaining it.

If you could describe this season in three words, what three words would you choose?

Bus ride from hell.


Those are my words.

FROM Premiere Event

I wanted to touch on Tidal. What was that process like for you with writing, directing, and acting?

Yeah, I mean, this thing took a life of its own and was one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done. I originally wrote a script with words while I was nursing during the pandemic as a way to make sense of everything I was navigating. And film and TV had shut down. There were no auditions happening, none of that.

So I started writing. And cut to a couple of years later, I get FROM, and I had three weeks off of shooting FROM and was like, “You know what? I’m just going to take all the words out of this and turn it into a movement piece because I don’t have a crew. I don’t have any of that stuff, but I want to make something while I’m here, and I have this time.”

So I basically found a little crew. My really good friend has a wonderful camera, and a good friend of mine co-directed.

Avery Konrad, who plays Sara, learned how to camera assist and played a little role. And we just basically shot on our instincts for two days. I took an ax to the script. We just kind of moved around, danced around.

I knew the story lived in me, and we just had a lot of fun. And then it became Tidal. So it’s basically externalizing the internal world of a nurse as her world starts to crumble as she tries to find home. And the dialogue is all movement-based. There are no words. Her words are her movement.

Smiley Kristi - FROM Season 1 Episode 8

And that grew out of my difficulty explaining to my loved ones and my friends how I was feeling while I was nursing.

I didn’t have a lot of words that made sense, but movement and dance have always been a creative and safe space for me. So I was like, “Oh, I want to integrate that into this because that’s really where the story lives.

I don’t need the words to communicate this.” Plus, once you have words, you need a sound guy or a girl, a sound human being, and a lot of other pieces involved when you have dialogues in the script. So yeah, being able to just be so free, just me and a couple of my friends, was super, super rewarding.

So I look forward to directing a scripted piece that I’ve written, and then I think I’ll have a better handle on what it means to direct and write. But that was an amazing experiment that I got to do and explore. Creating is fun.

***This interview has been edited for length and clarity.***

You can watch FROM on MGM+ on Sundays at 9/8c.

Whitney Evans is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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