Christopher McKay Has Been MIA During Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ — Is He Gone for Good?

After Cassie ended things with McKay earlier this season, their chances of being an item again seemed bleak, especially since she hooked up with Nate. Still, audiences thought that McKay would pop up again at some point throughout Season 2 of Euphoria.

As fans noticed his absence this season, they took to social media to air out their frustrations. One fan tweeted, “Slowly coming to the realization the Mckay is never coming back.” Even Algee himself tweeted, “Let me go ahead and jump on this trending topic … #McKay.” One follower tweeted back, “I’ve been saying for the longest time that McKay needed a more in-depth storyline, and what does Sam do in return? Completely write McKay off,” followed by a sad-face emoji.

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