Ciara’s raunchy beach photos send Instagram crazy in comments

American performer Ciara recently uploaded a raunchy beach photo and video onto her socials and sent Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook crazy in the comments.

Find out what saucy snaps are sending followers into a spiral as we explore the potential promotion behind Ciara’s recent content.

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Explore Ciara’s raunchy beach photos

American singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress Ciara Princess Wilson sent social media into a spiral with her recent content on the beach.

Over on Instagram, @ciara shared a posed image taken from a behind angle that shows her knelt in the sand wearing only a bright coloured bikini.

The popular post has now received more than 370,000 likes and a comment section full of admiration and compliments.

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Prior to the photograph upload, @ciara had taken her saucy beach content to TikTok by partaking in a popular challenge.

For her particular variation of the Balance Challenge, Ciara balanced a glass bottle on her head while crouched down in the sand and dancing with only her toes touching the floor.

Ciara’s video now has over 4.2 million views on TikTok, along with over 570,000 likes and more than 7000 comments.

The singer proceeded to upload her successful completion of the challenge onto all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The singer is promoting Ten To One Rum

On 1 October 2021, Ciara Princess Wilson became a co-owner and director for Ten To One Rum and has vowed to help the brand “rewrite the rum narrative”.

Ciara joined Ten To One Rum as an investor, co-owner and director for the brand and is therefore now supposedly using her platforms to promote the business.

In Ciara’s popular beach photo, a bottle of Ten To One Rum is propped in the sand and leant against her leg.

A bottle of Ten To One Rum is also balanced on her head in the TikTok challenge.

@tentoonerum took to Instagram to announce the news at the beginning of October, marking the date as a celebration to remember as the company welcomed Ciara to the team.

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Followers go crazy in the comments

After her viral photos and videos were shared online, Ciara’s followers across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook have had a lot to say.

The Instagram comments, in particular, are filled with flattering emojis praising Ciara’s beach content.

In reference to Ciara’s Prayer, the special words the star said before meeting and marrying her husband, Twitter users joked that they instead need Russell Wison’s prayer.

Some stated that it took them a while before noticing the bottle of rum balanced on Ciara’s head in the TikTok video. What else were they concentrating on?

Beneath the Balance Challange video on Twitter, another user joked that people will end up in the emergency room after attempting the task.

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