Cowboy Bebop’s Netflix release date and delay explained

What date will Cowboy Bebop’s live-action adaptation release through Netflix and why was there a lengthy delay to the production in New Zealand?

The availability and constant supply of new content is one of the reasons why Netflix has become the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

One of the most highly-anticipated upcoming series from the streaming giant is the live-action adaptation of the iconic 90s anime series, Cowboy Bebop.

With the official trailer garnering almost one million views in 15 hours, the hype train is continuing to grow with fans from around the world.

However, many are now curious as to when the series will release on Netflix and why production on Cowboy Bebop experienced a significant delay last year.

When will Cowboy Bebop release on Netflix?

The Cowboy Bebop live-action series is currently scheduled to release through Netflix on Friday, November 19th.

When Netflix first ordered the live-action adaptation of the iconic anime series, it was confirmed that season 1 would consist of 10 individual episodes.

Executive producer Jeff Pinkner revealed in 2020 that each episode would be around one hour long, which provides “an opportunity to take the anime and sort of like just deepen and dimensionalize the source material.”

“Really tell stories set in that world in a way that hopefully will not only delight the fans of anime but expose a whole bunch of new people to the world of Cowboy Bebop, the awesome work of Yoko Kanno. It’s a delight.” – Jeff Pinkner, via Observer.

Cowboy Bebop | Official Trailer | Netflix



Cowboy Bebop | Official Trailer | Netflix





Why was filming originally delayed?

The upcoming Cowboy Bebop series was originally scheduled to premiere in 2020, but had to be delayed because of complications with production associated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, the actual filming of Cowboy Bebop experienced a significant delay because lead actor John Cho suffered an injury to his knee on set.

According to witnesses and as reported by Deadline, the injury was a “freak accident that happened on the last take of a routine and well-rehearsed scene.”

Cho needed both surgery and extensive rehabilitation on the injury, which saw the actor travel back to the United States from the New Zealand set.

There had been concerns that Spike Spiegel, the main character being portrayed by Cho, would be recast, but Netflix was “fully committed to Cho in the title role” and was “willing to wait until late spring/early summer to resume filming.”

The shutdown on production was estimated to last between seven and nine months, but when the cast were given the greenlight to resume shooting, the pandemic forced another hiatus. Production finally resumed on September 30th 2020 and wrapped up in March 2021.

Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser “Lost Session” | Netflix



Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser “Lost Session” | Netflix





A multi-media launch with books and comics…

In addition to the upcoming live-action adaptation, it has been revealed that a new book series and comic miniseries will be serialised.

Netflix is partnering with Titan Books to publish several books based on both the series and wider Cowboy Bebop universe, with the first ‘Cowboy Bebop: A Syndicate Story: Red Planet Requiem’ set to release in November 2021.

Titan will also be serialising a four-issue comic miniseries, which is due to launch around the world in December 2021 – the entire collection will be available from May 2022.

Finally, a special art book will be released in January 2022 which will include the original concept art, behind-the-scenes photography and much more from the Cowboy Bebop production.

This article will be updated as we move closer towards the premiere, so keep checking back in for the latest news!

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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