Craig Landry From ‘Moonshiners’ Was Hospitalized After a Unicycle Accident

What happened to Craig Landry from ‘Moonshiners’? He was recently hospitalized after a wild accident. Read on for more information.

For more than a decade, viewers have been invited into the fascinating world of making moonshine via Discovery’s Moonshiners — and what we’ve learned is that it’s an art form. What started as a protest against taxing liquor in the late 1700s soon became a skill passed down from generation to generation.

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Because of the show, we’ve gotten to know some pretty amazing distillers. Craig Landry is one of them. Along with his brother Richard, he has produced some of the most interesting recipes in the series. These two are scientists. Unfortunately, Craig will be out of the distilling game for a bit due to a recent stint in the hospital. What happened to Craig Landry from Moonshiners? Here’s what we know.

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What happened to Craig Landry from ‘Moonshiners’? He was in an accident.

According to TMZ, Craig was in the hospital after he got into an accident involving a rather unorthodox vehicle. Richard told the outlet that Craig was “near his home in New Iberia, Louisiana while he was doing something he does a lot … cruising around on his electric unicycle,” when he was presumably hit. Unfortunately, no one knows what happened to the vehicle as Craig was alone when the incident occurred.

He was found unconscious by some women who immediately called paramedics. “He was eventually airlifted to University Medical Center in New Orleans, where he had surgery to repair his shattered jaw,” per TMZ. A GoFundMe set up by Craig’s manager provided more details. Unfortunately he “he suffered multiple broken bones to his face, jaw, hand, and broken teeth.”

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How is Craig Landry’s health? Richard has an update.

In a video obtained by TMZ on May 4, 2023, Richard provided an update on Craig’s health. “Craig is home. He is out of the hospital, for now,” said Richard. Sadly there are more surgeries in Craig’s future, as his doctors realized they couldn’t fix all of his problems in one go. “There was just too much,” explained Richard.

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Craig is still in a fair amount of pain, but his spirits are up. “Now he’s telling me what to do with moonshine again,” joked Richard. “Craig’s coming back, y’all,” he promised. “Those prayers are really working. We appreciate it so much.” The silver lining that Richard is focusing on is how his community has really rallied around them both during this difficult time.

“This goes to show me that Moonshiners is not just a television show. Moonshiners is an institution,” Richard said with gratitude. “I’m very proud to be part of that, and I’m proud to be able to bring my little brother with me.” He then thanked the viewers again, and assured everyone that more updates were on the way. “Y’all definitely keep shining. Y’all keep praying, and keep believing, because I believe he’s gonna be OK,” said Richard.

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