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Creative Assembly has hired Destiny veteran Dan Gniady as the lead gameplay designer for its new Sega-themed first-person shooter.

Gniady, who was a producer for the original Destiny’s competitive PVP multiplayer modes, and a gameplay designer for the sequel’s sandbox, announced his move to the UK studio on social media this week.

It’s not clear who else is working on the shooter at CA, but Gniady’s pedigree in the competitive shooter space will surely benefit the development team.

The UK-based Total War and Alien Isolation studio published the first teaser image for its multiplayer first-person shooter last month, with strong hints that it could reference various Sega franchises such as Sonic and Super Monkey Ball.

Creative Assembly has been working on the shooter for several years, but it’s yet to be shown publicly. According to job listings, the game will be “something radically different in the FPS space.”

Creative Assembly hires Destiny veteran to lead its Sega-themed FPS

The Alien: Isolation developer first started recruiting for an unannounced IP back in June 2018, with job listings referring to it as a “tactical FPS”.

The studio’s official Twitter account later posted a photo of director Neill Blomkamp visiting its offices in February 2019, where it once again stated that it was working on a “brand new FPS IP”.

Sega Europe’s president and COO Gary Dale then confirmed with in November 2020 that the game was still in development, saying: “There’s a new FPS game coming from Creative Assembly, and they’re growing teams around new IPs. Our internal studios have this two-pronged strategy: do more with what you’ve got, and think about new IP.”

Then Sega stated during a financial presentation earlier this month that it was planning to release a number of new projects over the course of the next five years, including “a new FPS title at a European studio” (which appears to be Creative Assembly’s game).

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