D.B. Woodside Is Ready To Headline His Own Series

The actors may remain on the picket line but D.B. Woodside has a message for studios once everyone returns to work: he’s ready for marquee status.

The veteran actor — who’s no doubt attracting a whole new set of fans now that Suits is killing it on Netflix — wrote on X Tuesday that he’s ready to “lead my own show.”

Woodside, who played attorney Jeff Malone (and Gina Torres’ sexy love interest) on Suits, admitted that it’s the “boldest tweet I’ll ever send.”

A journeyman actors since the early ’90s, Woodside has appeared on some of TV’s most celebrated dramas, including Murder One, The Practice, Once and Again, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 and Parenthood. He co-starred on USA’s Suits from 2014-18 and on Lucifer from 2016-21.

This past season, he recurred on Fox’s 911: Lone Star alongside his former Suits cohort Torres, who’s a series regular. It’s unclear, for now, whether he will reprise his role as Trevor, who was in a relationship with Tommy (Torres). But it was left open during the 2022-23 season.

Anyway, Woodside will have to wait a bit before he can get back in front of casting directors: SAG-AFTRA has not renewed negotiations with the AMPTP since it began striking 34 days ago.

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