Damon Hill To Be Subject Of New Doc From ‘Maiden’ Director Alex Holmes & Independent Entertainment — Cannes Market

EXCLUSIVE: Former Formula One champ Damon Hill is the subject of a new documentary from Alex Holmes, director of BAFTA-nominated doc biopic Maiden.

The feature will explore the story of how Damon Hill overcame the tragic death of his father, Formula One icon Graham Hill, and set himself the challenge of becoming world champion in one of the world’s fastest and most dangerous sports. It will chart a son’s life-long search to understand his father set against the backdrop of two contrasting eras of the sport, and how Damon wrestled with his father’s legacy.

With the support of Damon Hill, and the Hill Estate, the filmmakers will use Hill’s intimate family archive as well as archives featuring the glamorous but highly dangerous era of 1960s motorsport and the intense on track rivalries of 1990s Formula One icons Schumacher, Senna and Prost.

Production is due to start later this year. Contributors will include, amongst others, Bernie Ecclestone, Gerhard Berger and David Coulthard.

Independent Entertainment, the newly rebranded name for Luc Roeg’s (We Need To Talk About Kevin) Independent Film Company, is launching sales on the project ahead of the virtual Cannes market.

Producers are Simon Lazenby, lead presenter of Sky Sports’ Formula One coverage, and Victoria Barrell (Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager) both of Sylver Entertainment. Luc Roeg and Cora Palfrey of Independent Entertainment are executive producers.

Damon Hill said: “I’m excited that my intimate story exploring my deep connection with my father and the strong parallels in our racing careers will be brought to the screen by unique filmmaker Alex Holmes.”

Director Holmes added: “This documentary will have all the richness of a dramatic feature. It has the elements of a classic story, an orphaned child who is impoverished and overlooked following the death of his father, but who fights his way to claim the crown. It is packed with amazing characters. Graham Hill was a titan of the sport and Damon drove in an age of titans including Prost, Schumacher and Senna. The story will be told by the ones qualified to tell it, those who were there. Those who lived it. And at the heart of the film, our hero, Damon, a (sports)man of rare compassion and articulacy who combines the ability to relive the moment for us, to place himself back in the heat of the action.”

Holmes’ well-received 2018 film Maiden, picked up by Sony Classics for the U.S, told the story of Tracy Edwards, the 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.

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