Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-08-21: Susan Walks Into Danger!

When Susan Banks shows up, trouble usually follows.

The eccentric psychic is often played for laughs, but she almost always ends up locked up in a secret room or otherwise held captive.

While Kristen is usually Susan’s nemesis, Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 11-08-21 suggest that this time she’s going to face off against the Devil!

Clips in the spoiler video show that John is starting to get through to Marlena while tied up in the crypt, but Susan ends up there somehow.

The Devil needs some host, I guess since Susan’s eyes glow yellow and she speaks in a creepy voice.

Susan is a fun, goofy character, but when possessed by the Devil, she’s probably going to act like Kristen and may even help her lookalike break out of jail again.

Ugh. This is a twist that I’m not looking forward to!

The Devil may literally be in Marlena (or Susan!), but Philip also seems to be led toward evil again.

The other half of the spoiler video deals with Brady, Chloe, and Philip, and it appears Philip is again going to jump to conclusions about Brady and Chloe without much evidence. He overhears the two agreeing to keep a secret and responds by breaking a glass.

Philip needs to end this self-destructive pattern. He’s just going to push Chloe into Brady’s arms with all of this paranoid and violent nonsense.

If these storylines aren’t your favorites, don’t panic! We also have nine spoiler photos; scroll down to see what else is happening on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-08-21.

Brady Is Thrown Off - Days of Our Lives

Marlena’s salacious advice throws Brady.

While the real Marlena would tell Brady to stay away from Chloe and stop messing with Philip, instead, Brady gets to talk to the Devil.

MarDevil will probably tell him to give in to his feelings for Chloe regardless of whether she already has a boyfriend.

The question is, though: will Brady listen to this nonsense?

Grave Danger - Days of Our Lives

Susan warns Ben and Ciara their baby is in grave danger.

Susan’s premonitions are almost always correct, so the young couple would do well to listen.

Of course, it doesn’t take much for Ben to be convinced that their baby will turn out to be a monster, so this could be a problem.

Will Susan tell them the whole truth, and will they believe her? And if so, what will they do about it?

Allie and Tripp Reel - Days of Our Lives

Allie and Tripp continue to reel from the events from Halloween.

Hopefully, this terrifying experience will bring them closer together.

But will one or both of them have a hard time dealing with the trauma?

There should be some compelling scenes as long as they don’t go to Marlena for help getting over it.

Marlena Discourages Ben - Days of Our Lives

Marlena urges Ben not to listen to Susan’s warnings.

This is one of the few times where the Devil and Marlena might agree.

Marlena tends to think Susan is spacey and not take her premonitions seriously.

Of course, the Devil has an ulterior motive for Ben not looking deeper into this, but that doesn’t mean Marlena wouldn’t say the same thing if she were herself.

Putting Their Heads Together - Days of Our Lives

Ciara and Susan try to figure out who is threatening the baby.

Last time around, Susan had all sorts of silly clues to where Ciara was being held. This will probably be similar.

Susan will say some cryptic thing that doesn’t make any sense — but will Ciara figure it out?

And if they do realize the Devil wants her baby, then what? How are they going to stop it?

Chloe Confides in Brady - Days of Our Lives

Chloe confides a secret in Brady.

Contrary to what Philip might think, the secret is that Nicole and Rafe did it on the conference room table.

Why Chloe is blabbing this is beyond me. She never seems able to keep her mouth shut about anything, though, and Nicole should stop telling her secrets.

Similarly, Philip should stop listening outside doors since he always jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Philip Spirals Downward - Days of Our Lives

Philip spirals downward.

Of course, he does.

Philip can’t fathom the idea of  Brady and Chloe having any secret other than sleeping together even though he’s wrong EVERY time.

Is he going to go chop down the new tree he and Chloe planted? Ugh.

Susan's Horrifying Discovery - Days of Our Lives

Susan makes a horrifying discovery.

Susan is the perfect person to find out that the Devil is holding John.

She’s so out there that no one will believe her, so the Devil should leave this alone.

But instead, the Devil will try to possess Susan, causing all sorts of other insanity.

Chanel Realizes Paulina Lied - Days of Our Lives

Chanel realizes her mother lied to her.

The only lie that Paulina told her recently was that she only asked Lani to be matron of honor because Abe was shot.

Paulina had asked Chanel to walk her down the aisle and make her wedding cake, so what’s the big deal?

Is this going to be like the fallout from Gwen’s irrelevant lie being exposed? Is Chanel going to disown her mother over nothing?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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