Decubate Offers its Native DCB Tokens for Sale Today 

Decubate Offers its Native DCB Tokens for Sale Today

Decubate launched its native token DCB’s ICO today. Investors can buy them on the BSCpad platform, and the price is $0.015000 per token. Only 2.33% of the total supply will be available during this sale.

This community-powered investment platform is bringing the $3 trillion startup economy on-chain worldwide. Furthermore, it is unlocking liquidity for investors and accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Decubate unites web2 startups with the community’s financial and promotional capital and, as a result, fuels their web3 launch. Community members (DCB token holders) are receiving an investment allocation, along with staking rewards for backing startups on the platform.

Elliot Hagemeijer is the founder of Decubate. Hagemeijer is a serial entrepreneur. He was also an early entrant in the blockchain space, and since then, he has been working at leading blockchain brokers and exchanges. Hagemeijer champion startups, advise teams on product development and tokenomics.

 Why is Decubate unique, and what advantages does it offer?

Decubate is the first blockchain project investment platform that focuses specifically on web2 startups. The company sources onboard startups through its global network of incubator and accelerator partners.

It also has its own utility token, which is crucial for the network. Customers can use the DCB token for staking rewards and transaction fees. However, it also provides additional benefits to token holders who actively engage on its platform. Among these benefits are increased voting power, investment rewards, and reputation score.

Furthermore, the Decubate platform offers users cross-chain support. The latter enables startups and investors to raise funds, as well as invest capital across multiple blockchains at once.

The company has assembled a high-quality team with decades of combined experience in blockchain products, software development, startup incubators, and marketing. In addition, startup investments and allocations on the platform are fully decentralized. The DCB-holding community members determine which companies to add to their network.

Even though Decubate is a relatively new platform, like many other DeFi networks and companies, it has strong potential. The team provided a well-developed roadmap, and they show promise to achieve success by realizing their goals.


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