Did Zayn Malik say the f slur during his NYC bar fight? Video leaves Twitter divided!

On June 4, a video surfaced of singer Zayn Malik caught in a fight with an unidentified man outside an NYC bar. Find out did Zayn use the f slur during the scuffle!

Zayn’s fight video left Twitter has been divided, as fans discussed the video.

The fight was captured on video and TMZ obtained the footage, which shows the singer (28) shirtless as he brawls with an unknown man outside a New York City bar.

It was later revealed that the fight took place outside of NYC’s Amsterdam Billiards Club. While a homophobic slur was thrown around, no punches landed. Both Zayn and the unidentified man came out of the brawl unscathed. Zayn’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid was not present at the scene.

However, the viral video that sees Zayn fighting has caused quite a furore on Twitter. Some users claimed that the Dusk Till Dawn singer had thrown around the f slur too, while others defended the star.

Did Zayn Malik say the f slur during his NYC bar fight?

If one keenly listens to the aggressive exchange between Zayn and the man from the fighting video, they will hear that towards the end, the singer says, “oh i’m a f***ot?”

The singer used the f slur in response to the man who used the slur to insult him.

Page Six spoke to the Amsterdam Billiards Club’s owner, who said, Zayn is a frequent visitor. The owner revealed that the singer was in the club with a bunch of people, playing pool and ping-pong. He also confirmed that there was no problem in the club while Zayn was in there.

The owner also revealed that he had heard that the scuffle began with the unidentified guy wanting a photo with Zayn.

He also jokingly, said that they had given Zayn a club t-shirt and he was bummed that the singer wasn’t wearing it outside.

Zayn’s representative is yet to give out a statement.

Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

Twitter reacts to Zayn Malik’s shirtless fight video from NYC

A Twitter debate ensued over Zayn’s fighting video after a user claimed that the singer must be held accountable for using the f slur.

A user named ‘char’ said, “this is honestly so disappointing of zayn. on the FOURTH DAY OF PRIDE ALSO. “the white guys called him it.” THE WORD CAME OUT OF ZAYNS MOUTH REGARDLESS. holding him accountable is not hate. for those who can’t hear, he says “oh i’m a f***ot?” at the end.

In response to this tweet many fans began defending the singer.

One user said, “he didn’t use it as an insult. he was defending himself and he was almost attacked. i’m part of the lgbtq+ community and i don’t think it’s bad.”

Another user wrote, “Here if some1 calls u a slur and u repeat the slur as a question it’s the equivalent of “u talking to me?” It’s making sure that othr person knows that if the answer is still yes then fists r nxt. Context and country. His only accountability is in his lack of security and shirt.”

Here’s what others had to say!

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