Disney fans panic as cute 100th anniversary film sparks rumor franchise is retiring

A rumor is flooding the internet that Disney is ‘retiring’ from making movies – but there’s no need to worry because it’s not true.

Disney fans across the globe went into panic after wrongly hearing that the franchise is ending production this year.

Once Upon a Studio | Disney+

Disney is not retiring in 2023

The fake rumor emerged after the franchise released a short animated film on Disney+ called Once Upon a Studio.

In the film, the beloved characters from a number of treasured Disney movies get together to capture a group picture.

It’s in celebration of the 100-year anniversary, but some started a fake rumor that the film marks the end of the franchise.

One TikTok video captioned “#onceuponastudio” that’s had more than a million views sees a woman crying because “Disney is retiring”.

“POV: She just found out Disney won’t be in production of any movies any longer,” text on the screen says.

“Me after crying for an hour after finding out Disney is retiring,” another adds alongside a clip of them with tears in their eyes.

Disney fans went into panic

The fake news quickly spread across social media, sending fans into panic as they thought Disney was actually retiring.

One person wrote on TikTok: “Are you serious?”

“I’m broken,” said another.

A third person added: “Wait is this actually true?”

Don’t worry, Disney isn’t going anywhere!

Watch Once Upon a Studio

Once Upon a Studio sees the Disney characters come to life from pictures hanging on the walls of the Roy E. Disney Animation Building.

They all go outside to take a group photo with Mickey, but Goofy falls off the ladder and breaks the camera.

Everyone starts to leave in disappointment as the photo is cancelled, but Alan-a-Dale from Robin Hood starts playing When You Wish Upon a Star.

The brooms from Fantasia then sweep up Goofy’s camera and Fix-It Felix Jr. from Wreck-It-Ralph fixes it, so the picture is saved.

This year marks 100 years of Disney as the company was founded by Walt Disney on October 16, 1923, in Los Angeles.

The film is described as a “love letter” to Walt Disney Studios. You can watch it now on Disney+. Here’s the trailer:

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