‘Do Revenge’ Wants You To Embrace Your Glennergy

For her part, Eleanor’s rage is also initially treated as something to be feared, even by Drea herself. Talking about her plan to get even with an old camp bully, Eleanor makes her intentions clear: “I don’t want to make her pay. I want to burn her to the ground.” Drea, initially taken aback, tells her to rein in the “Glennergy” (over-the-top, psychopathic vibes similar to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction). But instead of turning away from it or reining it in, the film lets Drea and Eleanor do just that: go full throttle with their rage and “burn” the bullies down through a myriad of tactics. They drug their entire senior class at a school event, have the head of the school’s farming program arrested for growing marijuana, and out Max as a serial cheater, all in the name of getting even. Both Eleanor and Drea have fully embraced their “Glennergy,” and we are here for it. After dosing their class with special mushrooms at a school dinner, Drea and Eleanor look over their work and squeal with glee. You can’t help but do the same because it is satisfying to watch people get their comeuppance. 

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