Dreg team with Blind Equation on sass/metalcore song “Turbine Blade Gore” (watch the video)

NJ’s Dreg recently released the new EP Praxis I: Turbine Blade Gore, which finds an appealing middle ground between 2000s style sass and metalcore, and it includes a song featuring one-person cybergrind act Blind Equation, “Turbine Blade Gore.” We’re now premiering the video for that song. Here’s what vocalist Devin says about it:

“Turbine Blade Gore” was a bit of a last minute addition to the EP. Originally it started as a joke instrumental with different lyrics, then we decided it was too good to not use as a real Dreg track. Originally it was intended as the single for EP2, but as EP1 came to a close we realized how much the song fit on Praxis I. We made the decision to drop a currently unreleased track from the EP in favor of adding “Turbine Blade Gore” on. The lyrics deal with the visceral moments after a mortal wound where the inflicted person is juggling with the grasp of life and death, contemplating if dying would be better than surviving the mess they’ve gotten themselves into. It’s right smack in the middle of what I would call a “prototype concept album,” as I used this EP to put together some ideas for a full on concept (more on that at a later date though). Working with Blind Equation was insane too. The cybergrind scene was one of the first heavy music communities that I felt like I belonged in, so seeing a person instrumental to that experience being on one of our songs is huge. Big shout out to James for that. As a whole, “Turbine Blade Gore” is my favorite track on the EP and I can’t wait to bust it out live.

And James from Blind Equation added:

Dreg has truly done something unique on this entire EP and it was an absolute treat to feature on this track. Lyrically I was able to pull themes not only from the song itself but also from my own catalogue as well as quote Draconian’s “Death Come Near Me” which has been a track that stuck with me for well over a decade. I enjoy being able to make each of my features personal to me as well as the context of the song.

It’s a grainy, dimly lit video with performance footage of the band. Watch it and stream the full EP below. Cassettes and merch available at Cloudsurf Records.

Blind Equation also has a new album Life Is Pain due in September.

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