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Beholder, which casts you as a government-installed snooper, is free right now on Steam.

Hang on.. Steam? Isn’t it usually the Epic Games Store that hands out free copies of formerly full-priced games? Yes, but this time around this PC game is free via Steam, as reported by PC Gamer. And, even better, it’s pretty good. In our review we said that “..while it lasts it’ll have you on tenterhooks as you go about your duplicitous operations.”

It’ll also have you questioning your own decisions because, let’s face it, you’re not exactly a good ‘un. Not only do you bug apartments, you also wander in when people are out and poke around their belongings. Sure, you’re saving your own skin by grassing them up but can you really sleep at night? And who’s to say your neck won’t be on the chopping block next? Anyone who’s read George Orwell’s 1984 knows compliance isn’t a guarantee of safety.


Beholder is free, in part, because Beholder 3 is currently undergoing PC playtesting. Again, it makes you a government snooper but given that you’re being blackmailed it should, in theory, make your character less of a scumbag than Beholder’s protagonist. You can also pick up Beholder 2 for an 80% off, if the first entry in the series grabs you.

Beholder is free now on Steam but be quick because the offer expires at 6.00PM GMT.

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