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Eat the rich: 7 movies like “Saltburn” that skewer the wealthy

Mr. Park (Sun-kyun Lee) and Yeon-kyo Park (Yeo-jeong Jo) in Parasite. (Courtesy of NEON + CJ Entertainment)

This 2020 Academy Award best picture winner is a gripping, suspenseful and satirical tale of the South Korean class divide. Director and writer Bong Joon-ho infuses dark comedy into the story of two families: one rich and one poor. The Kim family schemes to be employed by the Park family, becoming tutors, drivers and housekeepers for them, slowly snaking their way into their household as qualified, trustworthy people.


But this drama gets interesting when the Parks go on vacation, and the Kims revel in their lavish mansion. They uncover something hidden deep in the house that changes just about all the dynamics between the two families. It’s every man for themselves when the Parks come back from vacation and throw a birthday party. . . Let’s just say it gets bloody.


Ultimately, “Parasite” resonated with audiences because of its scathing look at inequality in South Korea. It depicted the realistic under-privileged neighborhoods and housing crisis, while also highlighting the people who suffer from high rates of unemployment as the gap between the rich and poor widens.



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