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Elon Musk flips the switch on Alex Jones’ X account after doing one of his weird polls

In 2018, Twitter (as it was still called then) made the decision to permanently ban Alex Jones from the social media platform after he and his show “Infowars” violated their policy against abusive behavior, and Elon Musk — who took over ownership in 2022 — initially agreed to uphold this decision but has seemingly changed his mind. 

According to AP News, The company said under its previous ownership that Jones would not be allowed to create new accounts or take over any existing ones, and that they would monitor reports about other accounts potentially associated with Jones or “Infowars” and “take action” if any attempts to circumvent the ban were discovered. In November of last year, Musk seemed to still be on board with this, saying a firm “No,” to a user suggesting that Jones be reinstated, but after conducting a poll on Saturday to re-gauge general interest on whether or not the ban should remain in place, he’s flipped the switch to restore Jones’ account, doing his whole “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” thing when the results tallied up in Jones’ favor by over 70%.

As Mediaite points out, Musk raised the prospect of bringing Jones’ account back on Saturday when the right-wing account @ALX demanded it after Jones was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. During that interview, Jones was in rare form, claiming to have it on good authority that President Biden wanders around the White House fully naked. 

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