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Epic ‘AGT’ prank: Simon Cowell tricks Sofia Vergara into thinking she shot him in chest with arrow [WATCH]

All week long “America’s Got Talent” has been teasing a danger act gone wrong, and we finally saw what all the fuss was about at the end of the June 22 episode. As it turns out, Simon Cowell had an epic prank in store for Sofia Vergara, and it required the help of former contestants Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, who went viral in Season 11 when she accidentally shot him in the neck with a flaming arrow. Simon met with the danger artists in secret and then pretended to be surprised when they stepped out on stage for their “audition.” Watch the video above.

“We know them. What are they doing here?” a confused Heidi Klum asked Howie Mandel when they first caught sight of the couple. Simon just shrugged.

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Ryan and Amberlynn introduced themselves to Sofia, the newest addition to the panel, and she responded, “I don’t know you guys but I’ve heard the stories.”

The duo promised they’ve been “working on the crossbow act” and then proceeded to do a couple of tricks. First Ryan shot a balloon out of Amberlynn’s mouth while backwards and using only the reflection from his knife. Then they reversed positions and she fired an arrow at his head while completely blindfolded, relying strictly on sound to guide her.

Soon, Simon and Sofia were asked to join the duo on stage, but they were both hesitant. “Come on, you can trust us,” Amberlynn smiled.

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Simon took his place against the wooden board, as they had pre-planned in advance, and then Sofia approached the crossbow and put on a blindfold. That’s when the prank officially started. Simon shushed the audience as stagehands appeared from backstage and started putting fake blood on his chest. Amberlynn secretly removed the arrow from Sofia’s crossbow. After everything was in place, Ryan counted down from three and instructed Sofia to pull the trigger.

Cue the screams!

Terry Crews called for a medic and the entire audience reacted in fake outrage. When Sofia removed her blindfold, she saw Simon lying on the ground, a fake arrow sticking out of his chest. She angrily pushed Amberlynn out of her way, thinking the worst had happened. Simon then called her over and whispered something to her: “I gotcha!”

The song “Hallelujah” promptly played over the soundtrack as Simon jumped up and took a bow. “I’m alive!” he declared.

Sofia’s shock soon turned to rage and she warned him, “You know I’m Colombian and you know we take revenge.” Talk about an epic “AGT” prank for the ages.

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