Epic Games Store allows blockchain games with Adults Only rating

Epic Games has adjusted its policy toward Adults Only games on its titular store platform.

The change still bans the overwhelming majority of games that have received that ESRB rating, while also introducing an exception for AO-rated blockchain games, so long as the rating was granted due to their use of the controversial tech.

Earlier in the week, Epic re-listed the games Gods Unchained and Striker Manager 3. Both titles were removed after the ESRB gave them their AO ratings, prompting a change on Epic’s end.

If a game releases on the EGS with NFT or blockchain implementation, that material can’t promote gambling, pornography or hateful content, and so on.

Before putting blockchain titles under the rating, the last AO game to come out was Hatred back in 2015. 2018’s Agony received the rating, but developer Madmind changed the content so it was recategorized to M.

Epic’s NFT history

When blockchain and NFTs were still getting off the ground, the game industry was mixed on it. Many saw it as a solution looking for a problem, while others were ready to go all-in on it as a potential revenue source.

Valve ruffled feathers in 2021 when chose to ban the technology from existing on Steam. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney later gave an open invitation for blockchain developers to bring their works to the EGS.

In summer 2022, Epic started letting NFT and Web3 games exist on its storefront, distinguishing it from Valve’s stance against the technology. Even with the rating attached, the developer is still making good on its promise.

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