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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is headed to theaters on July 16, 2021. Many movies have had their release dates shuffled around in the last year, but Escape Room: Tournament of Champions really takes the cake.

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Hollywood form, “Escape Room 2” was announced barely a month after the original film’s release (via Deadline). If you’re keen to see the “Escape Room” sequel and need all the details you can find, join us as we share everything we know so far about “Escape Room 2,” officially called “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

This summer, the surprisingly fun Escape Room gets itself a sequel in the form of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. Once again, a group of unlucky folks will have to fight their way out of highly deadly escape rooms. Below, we’ve rounded up

everything you need to know about Escape Room: Tournament of Champions before it hits the big screen.

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Bringing Escape Room: Tournament of Champions to life

As previously mentioned, work on “Escape Room 2” began in February 2019, just a month after the first flick opened in theaters. Deadline reported that studio Sony Pictures Releasing had tapped director Adam Robitel and his creative colleagues, screenwriter Bragi F. Schut and producer Neal H. Moritz, to get to work on “Escape Room 2,” tentatively set for release on April 17, 2020.

Two months went by before anyone heard much else about the impending “Escape Room” movie. Then, in April 2019, Robitel sat down for an exclusive interview with Bloody Disgusting and told the outlet that he, Schut, and Moritz were “knee-deep in developing the sequel” and were “exploring various ideas with how it all plays out.” Robitel added, “We’re looking at all options right now about what makes sense.”

Creative struggles to overcome in making Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

doing any kind of creative work is no easy feat, and making a movie is especially tricky, even if you’ve been in the game for a while. Perhaps the most difficult type of film to create is a sequel:

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You’re essentially trying to simultaneously recreate the magic of the movie that came before it (which you may or may not have had a hand in crafting) and expand on the existing story in a way that not only makes sense but is also entertaining — all while knowing that if the end result is a follow-up that’s of even slightly lower quality than its predecessor, you and everyone who had a hand in the movie could be ripped to shreds.

And if that happens, you can say goodbye to the dream of continuing the film series into a full-blown franchise. After all, there is a reason why sequels are largely considered worse than the originals, and why even good sequels can sometimes suffer the same reception.

Who’s in the cast of Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions?

Thankfully, it took only a few months for the minds behind “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” to sort everything out and settle on a script that they were pleased with. Once they reached that milestone, the next order of business was auditioning and selecting actors to be in the sequel’s cast.

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There were six players in the original “Escape Room” film – Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda Harper, Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis, Jay Ellis as Jason Walker, Tyler Labine as Mike Nolan, Logan Miller as Ben Miller, and Nik Dodani as Danny Khan — plus the Gamemaster, played Yorick van Wageningen.

Both of those characters will be back for “Escape Room 2,” with Russell and Miller reprising their respective roles. That’s not really a shock seeing as though their return is essentially set up in the final moments of “Escape Room.”

What’s the release date for Escape Room 2?

Released on 16 July 2021, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is upping the ante in every way possible: grander, more elaborate life-or-death scenarios, more fiendish puzzles with ever more gruesome penalties as the clock ticks down.

And there at the heart of it all, the two survivors of the first film’s events, Zoey and Ben, mentally scarred but hungry to take the fight to Minos, the shadowy organization behind it all.

What’s the plot of Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions?

If you’re dying to know what “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” is about, try not to overthink things, ’cause the title also makes the plot of the sequel pretty clear. In case there was any doubt, though, the trailer for “Tournament of Champions” makes matters even clearer.

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When we last saw Zoey and Ben, they made a pact to confront the masterminds of their deadly game, though the final moments of “Escape Room” teased that said mastermind was already plotting a new, near-impossible to survive game to be played on the duo’s flight to New York.

It seems Zoey and Ben either survived or dodged that game en route to New York. They still get ensnared in a new game, though, and this one opens on a subway car with a handful of strangers. As alluded to in the film’s title, those strangers are all survivors of past games.

Will Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions be available to stream?

If you can’t make it to the theater when “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” debuts on July 16, you may be wondering whether the film will have a simultaneous streaming release like many other movies have this year. The answer is, sadly, pretty disappointing: “Escape Room 2” isn’t going to streaming any time soon.

Adam Robitel explained the decision when speaking with CinemaBlend in May 2021. In the director’s opinion, horror movies should be seen in theaters, where it’s dark, cool, quiet, and free from outside distractions — the perfect environment to be scared out of your mind.

“The Latin root of the word horror means ‘to bristle on the back of the neck.’ It’s the one genre that has a physical and physiological influence over the audience. It’s manipulating them. People love to be afraid in groups. They love to go on dates, to scream and grab their popcorn,” said Robitel.

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