ETX Capital Slashes Commission on Top-traded Stocks

ETX Capital Slashes Commission on Top-traded Stocks

You’ll now be able to trade your favorite stock CFDs at $0 commission if the latest ETX Capital news is anything to go by.

Forex, for the longest time, has been the most traded financial market in the world, recording over $5.3 trillion in sales every day.

ETX Capital has been serving traders since its inception in 1965, currently giving traders access to over 5,000 markets and offering tight spreads and impressive leverages while at it. The broker is also known for its excellent customer service.

ETX Capital also features wide-range stock offerings, dealing with thousands more stock CFDs in the US and European exchanges than most top brokers.

Originally dealing in Mortgage Bonds, the London-based broker would later expand their portfolios, getting into Stocks and Derivatives. In 2002, they assumed the name ETX Capital, an acronym for – Electronic, Telephone and eXecution trading – basically the services they offer.

Upon being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2020, ETX Capital was acquired by Guru Capital, a Swiss firm, and one of the UK’s leading brokers.

Guru Capital features one of the most responsive, and fast mobile and desktop platforms where clients can trade CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Indices, et cetera. They also deal in financial spread betting.

The broker continues to put together access to wider financial markets, multiple tradable assets, quality education, a super-efficient trading platform, and affordable trading costs to ensure its clients get the best trading experience.

The Zero Commission Move

ETX Capital’s latest move will have you trading your top stock CFDs at 0% commission. This will include shares from industry giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, even Barclays. These, according to them, are the most traded stocks.

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According to Nandik Barbhaiya, a CMO at ETX Capital, the broker has witnessed a constant increase in the demand for stocks. However, there are still barriers for new barriers just starting out.

Adding on the same, Nandik says ETX Capital is working to bridge this gap and give more clients a simpler way of buying and selling stocks without such restrictions as commissions or minimum charge.

This move will earn EXT Capital a competitive place at the top. And, that will definitely mean a wider client base.

With over 50 years in the financial markets, we are confident they understand the gaps existing in the markets and will continue rolling out even better services.

This, however, won’t be as good news to residents in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Singapore, or any other country where the services of EXT Capital are restricted.

Please note that CFDs are complex trading instruments, and you’ll need to exercise lots of caution to make sure you minimize the possible chances of making a loss. So is spread betting.

Before you put your money on any of these, ensure you fully understand how they work, and you can afford to lose your money. ETX Capital reports that at least 74.5% of its registered retailers suffer losses while trading


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