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Everything to know about ‘American Idol’ Season 21: Premiere date, judges and host

American Idol” will be back for season 21 in the winter of 2023. This is the sixth season of the reality competition series on ABC. It ran for 15 seasons on FOX from 2002 to 2016. After a two-year break, ABC revived the show that is the granddaddy of TV talent shows. Keep reading for everything to know about “American Idol 21.”

“American Idol” season 21 premiere is set
Season 21 is set to debut on Sunday, February 19 in the series’ usual day and time slot. It will likely have around 18 episodes and wrap up in late May. Each episode will be available for streaming on Hulu the next day.

Ryan Seacrest will be back as host of “American Idol”
Ryan Seacrest is set to return as host. He was the only talent associated with the show on FOX who returned for the reboot on ABC.

There will be three “American Idol” judges again
Also returning are the same trio of judges who have been with “American Idol” since it re-launched on ABC in 2018: country superstar Luke Bryan, pop princess Katy Perry and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Lionel Richie. This will be their sixth year together. That puts them second on the list of panels behind the original trio of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson who were together eight years.

Will there be mentors on “American Idol”?
Numerous “Idol” alums will return to help the contestants navigate various stages of the competition.

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The “American Idol” auditions were both in-person and online
Auditions kicked off on August 3 when “Idol Across America” returned with its live virtual nationwide search for talent. Try-outs took place in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The judges audition rounds took place in Las Vegas, Nashville and New Orleans.

Is there a platinum ticket to Hollywood?
Yes, at each of the three in-person audition sites, the panel handed out a platinum ticket that allowed the holders to skip the first day of Hollywood Week. This year, a special “America’s Platinum Ticket” was voted on by fans. The winning hopeful was Elijah McCormick.

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The “American Idol” format remains the same
It is expected that Hollywood Week and the Showcase Round will remain. Then hopefuls are winnowed down to just two dozen. Those Top 24 compete in both solo performances and celebrity duets. From these, we will get the Top 16, who will be cut down to the Top 12. It will be only those dozen artists who get to compete on the live shows next spring.

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