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Like everywhere else in the world, the laws on games of chance are so sensitive that each country legislates according to its realities. 

In the best Canadian online casinos, betting and the best online casino games are quite popular but are framed by texts which may vary by province. 

We’ll take a look at the legislation relating to games of chance by going through the history of these measures, going through the current context and then finding out what is happening in certain provinces.

Online Casino Games

Compared to other countries, Canadian betting laws are quite strict. Provincial and territorial governments, however, must ensure compliance with the criminal code in force across the country. 

Nowadays there are several legal online casinos and lottery or lottery agencies that bring in billions of dollars. The types of bets accepted are: 


Horse racing

Sports betting

Casino games (mobile slots included)

It should already be noted that each Canadian province and territory has the power to legislate and has its own lottery agency.

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Ontario has the largest population of any Canadian province. There are many legal gambling establishments, and over 82% of adults say they have gambled at least once a year. 

Among other things, we find:

Over 25 active casinos that are either private or public;

There are a multitude of slot machines there;

This region contains the highest number of machines in the country;

Players are also fond of horse racing and sports betting which can be conducted online.

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Games of chance have been legal since 1970 in Quebec. In this predominantly French-speaking province, there are the following game options:

Casinos: there are 9 which are based in the province;

Horse racing: there is only one race track these days;

The lottery: there are Lotto games such as Lotto Max or Quebec Extra. The lottery is the oldest form of games of chance that exists in Quebec.

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Nova Scotia

The second smallest Canadian province in terms of surface area also has an interesting landscape of games of chance. The most frequent authorized forms of gambling are:

The lottery such as Bingo where you can get game tickets online;

The casinos (online casino Canada), which are two in number in the towns of Sydney and Halifax;

Horse racing, sports betting, video lottery terminals;

Online betting (mobile casino included): here the province does not offer local sites. Players should orient themselves towards outside operators or use the online casino BetBoys.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation offers plenty of gaming opportunities for native people of this province. 

The legal forms of gambling that take place there are as follows:


Horse racing

Sports betting

Casino games 

Online gambling.

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A Brief History

The Canadian government has been trying since 1892 to adopt more affordable measures to make online gambling and betting legal. 

So, in 1910, mutual betting became legal. 

It was later in 1970 that bigger changes were to be observed as the Canadian authorities became more permissive in giving birth to an industry that generates billions. 

The first Paris club was born in 1989 in Winnipeg.

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